Best Vets in Fort Collins


Fort Collins is one of the best places in the world to get stellar veterinary care for your dog or cat. Choosing the right vet for you is more about their location, expertise, and their style of caring for your pets. I personally prefer a small clinic and am willing to drive across town, but you may prefer a large clinic with longer hours or a clinic that is close.

If you need help choosing your new veterinarian, read our article 5 Tips for Picking a Veterinarian You Love.

Here is a list of veterinarians that we have worked with personally and loved. We have included a few details but you will want to be sure to check them out and make sure they are a good match for you. There is nothing wrong with trying a few veterinarians to find the right one for you!

South Mesa Veterinary Hospital

  • (970) 226-6526
  • 3801 S Mason St, Fort Collins
  • South Mesa is a larger clinic with many veterinarians and long hours.
  • They see a variety of species including exotic animals.
  • There is an attached boarding facility, dog daycare, and training.

Friendship Hospital for Animals

  • (970) 206-1868
  • 1103 Oak Park Dr, Suite 101, Fort Collins
  • Friendship is a larger clinic with accessible hours.

Raintree Animal Hospital

  • (970) 482-1987
  • 2335 S Shields St, Fort Collins
  • Raintree is a medium-sized clinic with a few vets and longer hours.

Aspen Grove Veterinary Care

  • (970) 416-0232
  • 2633 S College Ave, Fort Collins
  • Aspen Grove is a medium-sized clinic with a few vets and longer hours.
  • They also have an attached boarding kennel and dog daycare.

Timberline Animal Hospital

  • (970) 377-1900
  • 2614 S Timberline Rd, Suite 111, Fort Collins
  • Timberline is a small clinic.

Countryside Animal Hospital

  • (970) 223-7789
  • 3820 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins
  • Countryside is a larger clinic with longer hours.

Family and Friends Veterinary Care

  • (970) 493-0204
  • 1336 West Elizabeth St, Fort Collins
  • Family and Friends is a smaller clinic.

Now take a look at their websites and give them a call to see which veterinarian is the best match for you!