Timnath Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

Hi, my name is Jami. I grew up in Montana with your stereotypical Montana upbringing of having lots of
animals and working on farms and ranches. I also spent years volunteering at the local animal shelter.
Growing up I had two bobcats, two guard ducks, dogs, cats (all named Thomasina), rats, and even birds.
It was quite the menagerie once you added all the kids too!

I’ve lived in Colorado for twelve years now and in that time became a dog trainer after taking my own
dog for lessons. I focused mainly on training dogs to identify scents and find things and people. I also
participated in several events around Colorado showcasing the abilities of the dogs I trained.
Currently I live with two cats, Flash whom my husband brought with him from Spain and Lilith a rescue
cat my daughters brought home as a surprise. Let’s not forget a whole lot of snails that seem to multiply
overnight in their tank. Oh, and there is a husband and three teenagers that hang around the house as

I have found great satisfaction in working with animals. Animals have always had a large part in my life
and I love giving other pet owners the peace of mind knowing their pets are loved and well taken care of
while they are away.