Will You Care for My Sick Pet?

If you are a client of Wet Noses Pet Sitting then the answer is an emphatic yes, we will definitely care for your sick pet. Often if pets are sick before a client leaves then we can arrange extra care, but what happens if your pet becomes ill while you are gone? Here are two stories from the last month where we had to care for a sick pet after their pet parents left town.

The first case was an elderly cat that had kidney problems. During the previous few weeks she had been in and out of the vet clinic, but had been holding steady lately. The sitter was aware of the recent care but this was a short trip and the client decided to go out of town anyway, which we encouraged. Caring for an elderly sick pet can be draining and it often helps to get away to recharge your batteries to make sure you do not suffer from caregivers fatigue.

Anyway, after the first day I received a call from the sitter. The cat was acting much different than she had during previous vacations. We went over her behavior, discussed some basic health checks and formed a plan. The sitter contacted the client to discuss the behavior and see if it had been normal over the past few weeks. We discovered it was very different from what they had been seeing before they left and we all came to the decision that a trip to the vet was in order. The sitter took the kitty to the vet who then stayed the afternoon for tests and fluids. After the kitty was stable the sitter went to pick up the kitty and take her home. Over the next few days some supplemental care was needed and the cat was doing much better by the time the client returned.

The second case was a dog that suddenly lost mobility in his rear end out of no where. I had a brief call with the sitter and client and it was decided to hustle him into their vet ASAP.  The sitter brought him in and waited until the veterinarian was ready to run tests, then left for other visits. Once tests were done I went to pick up the dog and meet with the vet. There were no immediate problems they could find and his mobility improved throughout the day so we decided to take him home and focus on massage to increase his circulation.

Over the next few days he was up and down so we stayed in contact with the client and the vet to try to figure out the trigger. After a rearrangement of sleeping areas, lots of massage and the help of a walking harness the pup was doing much better.

So what is the common thread here? When you are gone we at Wet Noses Pet Sitting will do whatever is needed to maintain the health and happiness of your pets. While you are gone they receive the best care we can offer and we would imagine no less.