Why I Love Being A Pet Sitter

Guest writer Sidehill Pet Sitter Gabriella Wessler

Growing up, I have always loved all animals, had a variety of pets, and dreamed of being a veterinarian. My best friends were my cats, rabbit, hamsters, and every other animal I had.

Throughout high school, I would pet sit for family, neighbors, teachers, and friends. When I
moved away from home for college, I realized just how lonely I was without my pets. Then when I moved into an apartment, I got my own cat but realized there was still an empty spot in my heart.

I have always dreamed of having multiple pets, but I do not have the time commitment for them. Soon after joining the Wet Noses Pet Sitting team as a pet sitter, I discovered how much I loved being able to walk and play with everyone else’s pets, without the lifelong commitment of having them all in my home!

When clients go away on vacation or are not able to spend enough time at home, I love being able to give their animals the love and attention they deserve. From dog walks to overnight visits, I bond with every animal I spend time with. My favorite part is when I am having a bad day, an excited dog will come lick my face or a purring cat will come cuddle on the couch. Even the anxious kitties will eventually come out of hiding, peek around the corner and put a smile on my face. Being able to play with and care for so many animals at once fills that once empty spot in my heart. To me, being a pet sitter is not a job, but more of a lifestyle that I thoroughly love and enjoy!