Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions

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Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions

Everybody has their reasons why cats make wonderful companions. But what if you’re on the fence about adopting a feline companion? Here are 10 of our reasons why cats make wonderful companions.

1. Cats are independent.

Cats are known for being more independent than dogs. Some people prefer this in a cat, others prefer bullet point number 2.

2. But they also can be cuddle bugs.

Nothing beats a warm cat curled up in your lap or having your cat follow you around. Some cats love to be around people and “participate” in the discussion.

3. They’re great apartment pets.

Cats tend to require less space than dogs, don’t require a yard, multiple walks daily, and don’t have to be let out to go to the bathroom every few hours. This makes them ideal apartment pets. Bonus points if you’re on a higher floor.

4. Lower maintenance than dogs.

Not into going for walks? Cats can be trained to walk on a leash but if that isn’t your thing that’s fine! Cats also don’t have to be professionally groomed as regularly as dogs – though their nails do need trimmed frequently and long haired cats especially need brushed.

5. Cats cost less to care for than dogs.

Toys don’t typically get destroyed around cats meaning they don’t need replaced as often. Having a smaller animal means less monthly expenses on pet food. Cat veterinary bills also tend to be a bit lower than dogs because of their smaller size.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t splurge on your cat or get a pet when you cannot afford one in your monthly budget. Cats still need:

  • Quality food
  • Litter
  • Annual veterinary examinations
  • Toys
  • Pet insurance – while optional is still a great thing to have

6. Cats are good for your health.

Purring is actually a way cats heal themselves and you! “Cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. Various investigators have shown that sound frequencies in this range can improve bone density and promote healing.”[1] Plus they’re fun to watch. If you’re ever in a bad mood go watch some cat videos.

7. They can be a natural pest-control.

Not every cat is a great hunter but when they are they can be a great natural pest-control. Just make sure they’re up to date on their vaccines and dewormed regularly. If you do find your cat bringing you a lot of rodents or other creatures be sure to contact your local pet control.

8. Cats are renowned for keeping themselves clean.

Felines spend an average of 5 hours grooming themselves each day. This helps to keep dirt and tangles out of their fur which is why they require less professional grooming appointments.

9. Cats are quiet.

Need I say more?

10. They bring us joy and entertainment.

Cats are fun to watch. That’s why they’re the ruling class of the internet.

You’re sold! You want to get a cat! But, a cat doesn’t factor into your current lifestyle or budget. If that’s the case considering volunteering at your local shelter or humane society. This can provide you with that feline companionship you want while also not having to stress about full-time care-giving.

These aren’t all the reasons why cats make wonderful companions! Every cat is unique and provides a different cat owner experience. Why do you think they wonderful companions? Tell us in the comments or @WetNosesPetSitting or #WetNosesPetSitting. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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