Where is the Closest Vet Clinic? 

Earlier this week I was out the dog park with my dog Podrick, enjoying the nice weather.  There was only one other dog at the park, a puppy that would run squealing whenever Podrick got close.  We moved to the other end of the park to give him some space and played on our own.  After a few minutes, the owner of the puppy came over to ask me a question, “Where is the closest vet clinic?”

Why is this such a terrible question?

This question indicates two things about the people:

  1. The person and the pet have never been to the vet before.Vet Clinic
  2. Something traumatic has happened recently and the animal should be getting immediate care.

After chatting for a few more minutes I discovered, to my horror, that the puppy had jumped out of his moving vehicle on the way to the park.  Normally the pup was outgoing, friendly and fearless, quite the difference from the puppy I saw before me.  I did a quick exam and encouraged the man to immediately take the pup to the emergency clinic.  Unfortunately, I had left before he made his final decision but I hope he made the right one! If you ever need a recommendation make sure to give us a call!

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