What to Look For In a Rescue Pet


So you’ve decided that it’s time to adopt a cat or dog! The next thing to do is to find the rescue that you want to work with to find your perfect pet.  There are many wonderful rescues and adoption groups that are just waiting to work with someone like you.  However, some rescues that are not on the up and up.  Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing a rescue pet:

  • Look for an established 501c(3) organization
  • Look for an organization that does home visits and asks for references
  • Ask to see paperwork, including veterinary records and neuter/spay records
  • Ask about training support
  • Ask about support post-adoption, including a clause in the paperwork that the animal will be returned to the rescue in the event that you’ll no longer be able to care for it.

With these tips, we’re sure you’ll find a great rescue that will work with you, and you’ll pick out your perfect family member in no time!