What is a Dog Walk Service?


A dog walk service is a person or company that provides dog walks when you and your pup need them! There are a ton of reasons why you may need a dog walker and all companies work a bit differently. You need to know the options and find a company that works for your schedule and goal for dog walks.

Reasons You May Need a Dog Walk Service

  1. You work long hours
  2. You have a puppy
  3. You have a high energy dog

Read up on 8 Times When You Need a Dog Walker

Benefits of a Dog Walk Service

Having a dog walk service ready to help you out can be invaluable for peace of mind. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Even if you just need them occasionally, having a dog walk service ready to help out when you get busy can be a lifesaver.
  • A dog walk service can help socialize your puppy.
  • A dog walk service will often provide pet sitting when you go out of town, so you do not need to find another sitter.
  • Dogs that are tired are much better behaved. It has been shown that most dogs need at least 30 minutes of walks per day to be healthy. High energy dogs will need longer walks.
  • A highly trained animal professional can offer tips on dog behavior and training when the need arises.

What Does a Dog Walk Service Do?

A dog walk service will come to your home and pick up your dog for a walk.

  • Walks can vary in length. Some dog walk services allow you to pick the length and some have a set walk time.
  • Some companies do group walks, meaning they pick up a bunch of dogs and take them all out at one time.
  • Some companies provide hikes where they pick up your dog and transport them to a local park for a hike, then drop them back off.
  • Usually they will leave a note or send an update, refresh water and give your dog a treat.
  • Dog walk companies can also play with your dog in your yard should you prefer.

Cute Frenchie dog

How to Choose a Dog Walk Service

There are a lot of different options when picking a dog walk service and you want to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you want a professional or a kid down the street? Learn more about the advantages of a professional dog walk service.
  • Does your dog get along well with other dogs? If not, then steer clear of group dog walks and hikes.
  • Does the dog walker have bonding and insurance?
  • Does the dog walker have experience dealing with a variety of dog personalities?
  • Younger puppies may need some simple playtime in your home, instead of a full walk. Make sure the dog walk service has that option.

Download our complete Checklist For Hiring a Dog Walk Service.

How Does Wet Noses Pet Sitting Dog Walk Service Work?

We provide flexible dog walk services for dogs in northern Colorado. Take a look at our service area!

  • We believe dogs deserve their own individualized attention, so we only walk one household at a time.
  • Dog walks can be arranged at any time of day, depending on your schedule and your dog’s needs.
  • We provide dog walks from 15 minutes to 1 hour long, depending on how energetic your dog is.
  • We can come for multiple walks a day.
  • We are also able to feed dogs, change water and settle your dog in for the day.
  • We always leave a note and a text or email update so you know your dog is cared for!
  • Take a look at 8 Times When You Need a Dog Walker for ideas on dog walking schedules.
  • Puppies need a special schedule and considerations. Learn about Dog Walks for Puppies.

If you are interested in learning more about our dog walk service, Contact Us to find a schedule that is perfect for you!

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