What Do We Do if Your Pet Sitter Gets Sick?


This is a stressful time with Coronavirus going around, but it is important for all pet sitters to have a solid plan for what to do if a sitter gets sick or otherwise cannot make it to a visit. This can happen if a sitter is ill, is in an accident or has a family emergency.

  • If a sitter is a solo sitter then they should have a backup system in place for emergencies
  • If it is s pet sitting company then there should be a thorough system for another sitter stepping in

When a backup sitter may be needed:

  • If a pet sitter becomes too ill to continue with visits
  • If a pet sitter is in a car accident or otherwise injured
  • If the pet sitter has a family emergency

How we prepare for a sitter getting sick:

  • Sitters tell their managers when they first feel sick
  • Sitters check in multiple times a day after that
  • Sitters check into a visit on our software when they arrive, so we can track them throughout the day
  • We verify all of the necessary information for pet and home care is up-to-date, including an extra key
  • We prepare a backup sitter to take over if necessary

What YOU can do to be prepared:

  • Make sure your information is our booking software is up-to-date at all times
  • Be sure your pet sitter has 2 keys or another backup way for a sitter to enter your home
  • Be understanding of any changes – we notify the client as soon as any changes are made and offer frequent updates

In stressful times like these we can all get through it if we stick together!

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