What Are the Best Fort Collins Dog Trails?

Fort Collins dog owners are very lucky to have many friendly dog trails to choose from. There are a variety of trails in city natural areas and parks, county parks, and state parks. Here are some of my favorite hikes with dogs.

Lory State Park- Well Gulch Nature Trail 

This trail is a beautiful 1.5 mile hike through a variety of terrains. The trails has some slow climbs and downhills. There are also many waterfalls along the way. I would recommend this trail because it is not steep or very technical, it is fairly short, and has great views.

Fort Collins Natural Areas- Maxwell Natural Area

The trail in Maxwell Natural Area leads to the A. Taking the foothills trail to the overlook trail will take you and your dog up to the A, with a great view of Fort Collins and Horsetooth Reservoir. This hike is about 4 miles round trip but is lots of fun. It starts with a walk through rolling hills, then you begin climbing up the mountain. The climb is not too steep or technical. I recommend this trail because it has great views, has wide trails, and has few cacti along the trail.

Horsetooth Mountain Park- Horsetooth Falls

Horsetooth Mountain Park has many trails, but the Horsetooth Falls Trail is one of the easier trails. This trail is an out and back, with the whole trip being about 2.4 miles. There are many ups and downs on this trail but few steep climbs. At the end of the trail is a waterfall (sometimes a small trickle) with a water pool. This trail has some narrow portions so be aware of other trail users. I recommend this trail because it is a good workout, and ends in a very pretty waterfall.

These are my favorite trails for dogs in Fort Collins. Most trails in Fort Collins are dog friendly, but few like Bobcat Ridge and Soapstone Natural Areas are not. Always be aware of wildlife and other hikers. Check out our previous article on heat stress in dogs and have a great hike with your furry friend.