Wet Noses Pet Sitting – Our Plan for COVID-19

At Wet Noses Pet Sitting we know this is an uncertain time. We want to make things as clear as possible for our clients so here is a summary of everything you need to know with links to more details.

This page is updated regularly!

We are still open and providing services!

  • We still have clients traveling and needing dog walks.
  • We anticipate there will always be some need for our services and we plan to continue providing them.
  • We expect some of our clients will need to leave town to care for sick relatives.
  • We are following all the recommended procedures to prevent contact between humans to prevent transmission.
  • Even with the stay-at-home order in Colorado and Larimer County, we are considered essential business when caring for pets.
  • Our sitters are wearing masks when out doing visits, as long as it does not panic the pets. If it causes distress, the sitter will remove their mask for the first few moments of the visit then put it on for safety, once the pet has adjusted.
  • May 26th update – With all of the changes due to vaccines, our sitters are still wearing masks where requested and during client meetings. After our sitters have been vaccinated they no longer are required to wear masks during visits unless the client requests it.

What happens if your pet sitter gets sick?

  • Sitters tell their managers when they first feel sick.
  • Sitters check in multiple times a day after that.
  • Sitters check into a visit on our software when they arrive, so we can track them throughout the day.
  • We verify all of the necessary information for pet and home care is up-to-date, including an extra key.
  • We prepare a backup sitter to take over if necessary.

Read more about our procedures

What happens if a manager gets sick?

  • We have multiple managers at Wet Noses and other sitters trained in our management system.
  • We have training systems for managers if any clarification is needed.
  • Someone will always be available to help our clients!

What if you get sick?

  • We have sitters willing to walk your dog should you become ill and are at home. A sitter will come and pick up your dog for a walk without entering your home and drop her off when the walk is done. The sitter will use their own equipment and/or wear gloves at all times.
  • We encourage all people with pets to plan for the care of their pets!
    • Decide who is responsible for the care of your pets if you were to get sick enough to be hospitalized.
    • Make sure this person has written instructions for the care of your pets and permission to seek veterinary care.
    • Have enough supplies on hand for 2 weeks and a way for a care provider to get more supplies if needed.
  • If you wish for us to care for your pet if you get ill, make sure your information is up to date on your profile and leave written instructions designating us as the care provider.

Read our full instructions on how to prepare for a pandemic with pets

What if your trip is delayed or canceled?

  • We have no cancellation fees for situations out of your control, such as coronavirus.
  • We are encouraging clients to schedule trips for the upcoming summer months. If people are able to travel in the summer, it will be a very busy time for us and we want to make sure you are on the schedule! If all travel remains on hold then you can cancel your appointment.
  • IF YOU ARE STUCK OUT OF TOWN we will continue to care for your pets as long as is needed. Just keep us updated on your plans.

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We will be updating this page anytime there is a change, so check back!

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