Top 7 Christmas Gifts For Pet Lovers

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Top 7 Christmas Gifts For Pet Lovers

Looking for Christmas gifts for the pet lovers in your life? Here are our top 7 gifts we recommend you give this holiday season.

1. The Big One® Oversized Supersoft Plush Throw

These blankets have been an affordable and adorable staple in my gift-giving trove for years. But any pet themed blanket will do nicely. Sometimes Kohls will have these blankets on sale for $9.99. They wash up well, are a decent size, and are super soft. They rotate patterns year round so if you don’t see one you like make sure to check back.

The Big One® Oversized Supersoft Plush Throw on Kohls @ $29.99

2. Cat Mom & Cat Dad Apparel has a wide variety of both Cat Mom and Cat Dad apparel to choose from as well as accessories and mystery bundles. Perfect if you want the gift to truly be a surprise.

Spider Black Tie Dye Cat Mom Tee Meow

Spider Black Tie Dye Cat Mom SQ Tee @ $28.99

Dark Heather Vintage Cat Daddy Tee

Dark Heather Vintage Cat Daddy Tee @ $28.99

3. Dog Breed Soy Candle

ScriptedFragrance has a wide selection of hand-poured soy candles decorated with different dog breeds. The listing claims these candles can burn up to 50 hours.

Boxer Dog Breed Soy Candle in Signature Silhouette Glass image 0

Boxer Dog Breed Soy Candle in Signature Silhouette Glass on Etsy @34.00

4. Pet Memorial Gift

Has the pet lover in your life recently lost a beloved pet? Consider getting them a meaningful gift of a pet memorial. I like to use Etsy when looking for pet memorial gifts because of the wide variety of items they have made by various artisans. If you don’t have a photo of the pet handy consider a generic memorial gift such as the ones below.

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure on Amazon @ $28.95 Cat Version Here.

Willow Tree has a wide selection of different pet memorial figures. If the one above isn’t quite what you’re looking for check out their others.

To My Dog Mama Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Gifts Dog image 0

To My Dog Mama, Rainbow Bridge Pet Necklace on Etsy Starting @ $33.96 Cat Version Here.

Rainbow Bridge Paw Prism Crystal Suncatcher Rearview Mirror image 0

Rainbow Bridge Paw Prism Crystal Suncatcher on Etsy @ $24.00

5. Page-A-Day Calendar

I’ve gotten this as a gift before and have bought one every year since. It’s fun to see the cat pictures and read their little bios submitted by people.

365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2022 on Amazon @ $15.99 Dog Version Here.

If you’re reading this in 2022 or beyond, Amazon conveniently provides a link to the newer product new the top of the listing. You can also search for 365 Cats Page-A-Day calendar [YEAR] to get the latest one.

6. Animal Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids! They also make great Christmas gifts for the adult pet lovers in your life. In the past few years coloring books have taken off as a great way to relieve stress and get creative. There are hundreds of animal adult coloring books out there. You’re sure to find one that matches your pet lovers personality.

100 Baby Animals: A Coloring Book on Amazon @ $8.99

Color Animals Coloring Book: Perfectly Portable Pages on Amazon @ $4.63

I own the Color Animals Coloring Book and while it is small it’s perfect to bring with you somewhere. Don’t forget to pick them up some colored pencils if you’re not sure if they have any!

7. Primitives By Kathy

Primitives By Kathy has some super cute household gifts with all different themes but we know why you’re here; you need a gift for a pet lover. Check out their Dog is Good collection for tea towels, socks, pouches, coasters, and more. They also have cat themed gifts as well.\

Dish Towel – Less People More Cats

Socks - I Like Big Mutts And I Cannot Lie - One Size Fits Most - Cotton, Nylon, Spandex

Socks – I Like Big Mutts And I Cannot Lie

If you don’t want to order directly from the supplier, Amazon has a much smaller selection but does have some items.

And a bonus…

8. Something for Their Pet

This might seem counterintuitive but there are some people who really don’t want or need anything for the holidays. I’m one of those people! Unless you know I’ve been eyeing something I would be more than happy if you got me something for my cats – assuming it’s something appropriate and safe for them. Most of my close friends who would do this know I don’t do bells or tinsel on cat toys because of the potential choking hazards and that I’m very selective in my treats. If you’re unsure, just ask! I’d also love if a friend asked me what they could get me for my pets.

Do you already own any of these Christmas gifts for pet lovers? Let us know which ones are your favorite or if you plan to purchase any of these this holiday season in the comments below.