The Benefits of Regular Dog Walks

As dog walkers, we at Wet Noses Pet Sitting are pretty excited about the benefits of regular dog walks, both for you and your dog.  There is nothing like a peaceful stroll down the trail or through your neighborhood to start or end the day, or even give you a break in the middle of the day.

Benefits for your dog:

  • Regular exercise keeps your dog physically healthy and in good shape.
  • Walking helps keep dogs limber and their joints functioning well.
  • When spending regular, focused time with your dog you are more likely to notice any problems that might arise.
  • Dog walks involve some level of training which is mentally tiring, plus all of the sights and smells is exhausting!
  • A tired dog is a good dog!

As dog walkers we have seen the difference when we go into a house and start walking a dog on a regular basis.  In one particular home we started walking the dogs twice a day when the client was injured.  Prior to this the dogs were just let out in the small yard on a regular basis.  Within days of us taking the dogs on regular walks their behavior improved in the house, they slept better and they seemed much happier.  Within a few weeks the dogs were much better behaved on their walks, their coats looked better and they were much more relaxed in general.  After a month the client was well enough to take care of the dogs herself but she noticed the improvements in the dogs and has continued to have our sitters walk the dogs once a day.  It has been two years since we first started working with her furry friends and we are happy to say they are in great health and are happier than they have ever been!

Get out and walk your dog today or call us and have a Wet Noses Pet Sitter walk your pup!  Remember, any walks are better than none, this is not an all or nothing activity.  If you only have the time or the resources to walk your dog a couple times a week then start there.  You might find that the benefits outweigh the cost and provide the incentive to increase the number of walks in the future.  Happy dog walking!