The Benefits of Regular Dog Walks for You


Last blog we talked about the benefits of dog walks for your dog and now we want to talk about the benefits for you.  Don’t get me wrong, we would be happy to come and walk your dogs on a regular basis, and that is a wonderful idea when you are short on time or if you dog needs way more exercise than you can manage (sometimes even I feel that way), but if you have the time in your day then dog walks for you are also a great idea.

Benefits of dog walks for you:

  • Helps keep you active and in shape.
  • Walking time gives you a chance to bond with your dog.
  • Regular walks remind you if your dog need a training session, or maybe an obedience class!
  • A walk in the morning or evening is a great start or end to a long day.
  • A walk after meals is proven to help with digestion.
  • A nice walk during the middle of the day can break up a long work day and help your mind reset.
  • Really there is nothing better than spending some peaceful time with your dog.  Do you need another reason?


So put on your walking shoes and get out there with your dog!  If you don’t have the time you need to walk your dogs as much as they would like give us a call and a Sidehill Sitter will help you out, that is what we are here for!  Truth be told, when times are busy for me I bring in a dog walker just like you.  My dog Podrick (pictured above) has been walked by most of my Wet Noses Pet Sitting at one point and he loves showing off his neighborhood to new friends!