Dental Care For Your Dog


Many folks overlook the fact that yes, your dog has teeth and yes they need just as much care as the rest of their body! Many Vets report that upon revealing the state of their dog’s dental hygiene they are surprised by what has been going on in Fido’s mouth. But when you stop and think about it……really? Do you brush your teeth? How would you feel if you had that Petri dish living within your mouth? So, come on pet parents, let’s see how dental care for your dog can ensure your pet lives a happy, healthy and most importantly, comfortable life!

Bacteria loves warm, moist environments. So, where better to take up residence than your pets mouth? Have you felt your dog’s hot breath in the morning when they are providing that “wake up” call? Well when you pet is not receiving the proper dental care, this is exactly what happens. Plaque turns into Tartar within 48 hours. Once that Tartar takes hold, is when the bacteria move into your pet’s mouth. Bacteria then start to eat away at your pet’s teeth and gums. And the worst part, they don’t limit themselves to the mouth. They travel all over the body. Poor dental hygiene will affect various parts of the body, from the kidneys, heart, and brain. It is very important that you set up a routine to take care of your pet’s teeth and mouth!

Here’s how:

  • Brush his teeth! Set up a daily brushing routine. Use a finger brush to achieve the best results. Do NOT use human toothpaste. Your vet can recommend toothpaste that is specially formulated with your pet in mind.
  • Provide chews! This is a natural way for your pet to brush his own teeth! Basic rubber or nylon chews are great options as well as compressed rawhide. You may even consider dental chews.
  • Meat in your pet’s diet.
  • Visits to your vet. Ensure you are taking your pet to the vet every six months for a full check up. This will allow you to keep up on anything that may be happening in your pet’s mouth. Ask your vet for tips on brushing as well as how to do so for your specific pet.

All of these are a great ways to start dental care for your dog, remember a healthy pet is a happy pet!

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