A Pet Owner’s Guide to Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker


Hiring a pet sitter or dog walker can be complicated, especially if you have never worked with one before. Our Guide gives you all the information you need to make sure you hire the correct pet sitting company and have an amazing experience!

In this ebook we discuss:

  • What Does a Pet Sitter Do?
  • Why Hire a Dog Walker?
  • How Can a Pet Sitter Make Your Home More Secure?
  • Questions to Ask Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Before You Hire Them
  • and more!

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Additional Resources

5 Ways to Find Pet Sitting Jobs


Are you thinking about becoming a pet sitter but are not sure where to start? You can go try to find your own clients and launch your own business, or you can follow these easy steps to find pet sitting jobs in your area!

1. Find Local Pet Sitting Companies on Google

Search Google for “Pet Sitting Company” or “Dog Walking Company” and check out the local businesses. To find a pet sitting job with a company you like, you can take a look at their website and see if their culture seems to match you. Do they seem organized and professional? Look for a “Careers” page to learn more about working for them. (Check out our Career page to get an idea of what they can include.) Think about looking past the first page on Google since often you will find the large tech companies like Wag and Rover first, but not the locally owned businesses. If you are curious about how it is to work for a professional pet sitting company, check out our Guide for New Pet Sitter Applicants.

2. Find Local Companies on Social Media

You can often find pet sitting jobs by looking through job postings on social media. You can either search for companies in general and then check out their job postings, or look specifically in the job posts in your area. Facebook is particularly good at this. Be sure to read the posting and look for any requirements to apply. Often once you find pet sitting jobs, they will ask you to apply through their website instead of directly through the social media post.

3. Use Indeed

In the last few years Indeed has become one of the most common job search tools on the internet. You can find pet sitting jobs that way by looking for pet sitting, or just searching “pet”, “dog” or “cat”. This will also give you an idea of other animal related jobs in your area. Make sure to scan all the jobs as Indeed gives a higher rank to paid job postings, which most pet sitting companies cannot afford.

4. Check Craigslist Job Postings

Craigslist is not used as much by pet sitters these days due to the high cost of posting a job listing, but sometimes they still end up there. It is worth checking to see if you can find pet sitting jobs near you. Some listings may come up that are further away, but you want to find jobs near you. It is miserable to have to drive to pet sitting jobs a ways away.

5. Ask a Friend

If you know someone that has used a professional pet sitter, get the information for the company and contact them to inquire about any pet sitting positions. They will be impressed by your effort and you will pop to the top of the list when they are looking to hire. Plus you can know that their company provides great service, which is why your friend uses them in the first place. We often keep information for possible new sitters for the future and contact them at a later date when we need someone in their area.


If you want to find pet sitting jobs these days, be sure to do the research, find a company that is professional and take steps o reach out to them. Pet sitting companies are often busy taking care of their furry friends and when they hire they need someone quickly who can do a great job. If you are prepared and have taken the steps needed to put forward a professional contact, they will be excited to meet with you!


Checklist for Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker



If you are thinking about hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, you want to make sure you find the best person. Sometimes the hardest part when hiring the right pet sitter is know what questions to ask! So we made you a nice printable checklist with all of the important questions. Once you have these answers you will be in a much better situation to decide on a pet sitter for your fur kids!

Download a Printable Checklist Now!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cat Lovers


Does your Valentine love cats? Because cat lovers are a very passionate bunch. And that means they usually love to get gifts from them or about them. So, here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for cat lovers sure to make that special Valentine in your life happy.

Cat Valentine’s Day Cards

There are many amazing Valentine’s Day cards with cats on them or cat-themed. Check out Etsy and Pinterest for some cute handmade cards to send to that special Valentine.

Fancy Cat Supplies 

While your cat may not need those fancy,new ceramic bowls, they sure would look good in your house. Many cat lovers would enjoy some nice looking cat accessories. For nice bowls and beds check out TJ Maxx or your local pet store.

Cat Clothing

No, I don’t mean clothing for cat (although that could be a good gift)! Cat clothing is anything with cats on it. For some cool T-shirts check out the Fort Collins Cat Rescue, or other rescue organizations. For other cool cat items, check out Etsy or Amazon. They carry everything from cat gloves to cat necklaces.

Self-Defense Cat Key Chain 

This is a really great Valentine’s Day gift for cat lovers. It combines two awesome things, cats and self-defense. This key chain is shaped like a cat, you put your fingers in the eyes and can use the ears to poke your attacker. This gift is sold all over and can also be found on Amazon.

Sponsor or Adopt a Cat

Most rescue organizations have a sponsorship program for their cats. In these types of programs, a donor pays for the cats adoption fee and sponsors some of its care. This makes it easier for shelters to take care of the cat and helps the cat find a home. You can sponsor a cat or donate in someone else’s name as a gift.  This can make a great Valentine’s Day gift for cat lovers.

Whether you are looking for gifts to give a cat lover on your behalf, or on the cats, these gifts are sure to please. I hope your Valentine enjoys these Valentine’s Day gifts for cat lovers.

Do You Know All The Great Things That Pet Sitters Do?


Did you know that our pet sitters can do more than just walk and play with your pets? Because we can ! And while we can do a lot, there are a few things we can’t do. Here are a few questions to help you find out about the extra services we can provide.

Will a pet sitter….?

Take out my trash?

If you are out of town on trash day we will be happy to roll your bin out to the curb and bring it back in. We will also dispose of any waste from your animal during our visit.

Water my plants? 

Sure! As long as you don’t have a forest in your home, we’d be happy to water your house plants for you.

Bring in my mail? 

Yes! We are happy to bring in your mail and leave it on your counter top for you. This is especially perfect for when you’re out town for the week. Also, we can also turn lights on and off while you’re out of town to make it look like someone is home.

Clean my house? 

Yes and no. We will clean up any mess from your pets, but we aren’t maids. We can’t clean up any general messes in your home.

Clean my kitchen? 

We have a lot of pets to visit in a day and we simply don’t have time to clean your kitchen for you. If your pet’s food and water is in the kitchen and they’ve spilled it, we will make sure that is all swept and mopped up. However, we can’t clean up your dishes from breakfast.

Do my laundry? 

No, unfortunately we won’t be doing any of your laundry. If your pet messes up their bed or linens, we will do our best to make sure it is clean. If something needs to be thrown in the wash, we will put it in your laundry room and leave you a note.

As you can see, pet sitters can do a lot more than walking and comforting pets, but we can’t do everything around your home. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up an appointment!

Pet Care Options For When You’re Out of Town


Pet care options are one of the hardest decisions you will make when leaving town. You want to choose a service that is right for you and your pets. You want to return home to fur kids that are happy and relaxed. You want the peace of mind knowing that your pets are well cared for and happy while you are gone, so you can enjoy your trip! So how do you pick the right pet care options for you?

  • Pet Sitting

Hiring a pet sitter can be a great option for your pet, especially if they older or anxious. The get all the comforts of home, get to stick to their normal routine and do not have any exposure to diseases.  A pet sitter can also double as a house sitter and bring in mail, water a few plants and turns lights on and off.  You get the benefit of regular updates from your sitter and knowing that everyone is cared for in your absence. A good pet sitter will spend as much (or more) time and attention focused on your pet as you do!

The main downside of a professional pet sitter is that it can be a more costly option if you only have one pet and are requiring multiple visits per day.  If you have more than one pet, then the cost for pet care is usually similar to boarding.

  • Overnight sitters

Does your dog have a nighttime routine that cannot be disrupted? Does your cat sleep with you at night?

If you have a puppy, a dog or a cat that desires extended company, or a pet that has medical concerns, then you may want to hire an overnight sitter.  Your fur kid will enjoy the benefits of keeping their same routine, including night time cuddles.  You home will also look more lived in, and for many pets, this type of pet care is similar to your regular routine if you work during the day. Often your sitter will also recommend, or require, an additional visit for dogs during the day for a potty break.

  • Boarding kennels

Some pets actually enjoy a boarding kennel versus staying at home while their owner is away. Young, energetic dogs who socialize well with other dogs can be great candidates for a boarding facility where they are allowed to play during the day. They are taken care of all day, can have walks and playtime, and some facilities even send you updates or have cameras for you to watch. Plus you can usually bring their own food and a few toys for them for comfort. Each kennel has different schedules and policies, so be sure to find one that provides the services you (and your pet) desires.

Cats can also be boarded on occasion. It is not generally recommended, due to the levels of stress a new environment cause for your cat, but some cats are well suited to the change. There are cat kennels that provide playtime and access to common areas.

Spa Boarding – Pet spas are popping up all over the place. You can choose packages that include grooming, play groups, and gift baskets for your dog.  It’s almost like they are on vacation too!

Vet Boarding – A lot of vets also have boarding services with vet techs there for them around the clock.  This option is perfect if your pet has health issues that require 24 hour observation or care that a pet sitter would not be able to provide. Think of a cat that is not easy to medicate.

Pet care should be the part of your trip that is the least concerning! Choosing the pet care option that is right for you is the first step, then you decide on the company (pet sitting or boarding kennel) that best fits your needs. If you make these choices correctly then both you and your pet will have a wonderful vacation!

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Self-Service Dog Wash?

Depending on where you go in Fort Collins or Loveland and what type of bath package you choose, a self-service dog wash can range in pricing. Remember, all services are on a first-come first-serve basis. Be sure to hurry in as peak times are on the weekends during the middle of the day! Here are some of the different options that self-service dog wash locations offer.

Less expensive options:

If you are looking for a basic wash without all the bells and whistles, Unleashed by Petco is the place to go. At $10 per dog, you are permitted the use of an elevated tub, towels, grooming tools, an apron, a dryer, shampoo and conditioner.

Mid-priced options

Do you want to spoil your dog, but not break the bank? Then these self-serve locations may be best suited for you and your pups. Cosmic Dog offers a fun, spa-like atmosphere with a plethora of choices for shampoo, conditioner and even a spritz, all for $14! Doggie Baths and Beyond offers 3 different packages, ranging from a basic wash at $10 to a deluxe wash at $15. Poudre Pet and Feed Supply offers a $15 wash at select locations. Camp Bow Wow offers a $15 wash for current clients only. All of these facilities provide raised tubs, easy access stairs or ramps, no slip mats, dog dryers, aprons, and brushes, as well as a variety of shampoos and conditioners.

More expensive options:

For those looking for a self-service dog wash with a more spa-like environment with a variety of add-ons, The Dog Pawlour or Doggie Dips and Chips may be the place for you. Baths here run about $16 for your first dog, and offer a small discount on your other dog’s bath if sharing the same tub. Depending on where you go, these facilities offer the basics like a tub, grooming tools, and towels, as well as a variety of scented shampoos and conditioners to choose from.

So whether your pups had some fun at the dog park rolling in the mud or just need a bath to freshen up, think about taking them to a self-serve dog wash! Just remember that in Fort Collins or Loveland, self-serve baths will range from $10 to $16. It is worth the money and will save you time from scrubbing your bathroom tub!

Why I Love Being Your Sidehill Sitter

Being a pet sitter is the best job in the world! I have worked many other jobs in the pet care industry, but working for Sidehill as a pet sitter is my favorite job I have ever had. Here are three reasons I love being your pet sitter and love being a Sidehill sitter.

1. At Sidehill we strive to give the best care to your pet. 

We know that leaving your pets at home can be scary! As a pet parent I feel the same way, but I trust Sidehill 100% to keep my animals happy and safe.I know that all of our sitters do everything we can to keep your animals content. We love to give extra belly rubs, extra play time and sometimes extra treats. Additionally, all of our sitters go thought lots of training, including pet first aid and CPR, to keep your pet safe.

2. We get to form relationships with the pets we take care of.

 Many of our clients at Sidehill book regularly, so we get to develop relationships with pets. One of my favorite experiences as a pet sitter was developing a relationship with a shy dog. I have watched this dog and his brother and sister multiple times. Each time he barked at me and did not want anything to do with me. This went on for a few visits, then slowly he started warming up to me. Finally he wanted to hang out with me, I know soon I will be able to pet him. This experience was very fulfilling and why I know forming relationships with pets is so important.


3. We get to make clients feel safe.

Another cool part of my job is forming relationships with my clients. Our clients are really cool people and really care about their pets. Leaving your pet in the care of a stranger is so hard. For this reason, we do client meetings. During a client meeting your sitter gets to learn about your home and pets. The other benefit to client meetings is that you get to put a face to your pet sitter. Knowing who your pet sitter is really helps make our clients feel safer about leaving their pets at home. Additionally, we always offer to text or email our clients each day. This allows the client to check up on their pet and helps them feel safer.


Being a pet sitter is a really amazing job. I get to work with awesome pets and learn new things every day. We love getting to work with you and your pets and can’t wait to meet you (or see your pets again)!