5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Dog


Is your dog your Valentine this year? How can you show your dog some love, other than belly rubs? Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for your dog!

Spa Package 

Every dog loves getting pampered (and us humans love a less smelly dog). Check out Animal House Rescue and Grooming for dog grooming and nail trims. Want to pamper your dog at home? Try giving him a doggie massage. Start with a flat palm and run your hand over all parts of your dog’s body. Move in one swift motion over your dog’s sides and back with light pressure. The first few massages will help you figure out what normal feels like for your dog. After this you can feel spots on your dog that are swollen or need some extra loving.

Toys and Bones 

Most dogs love new toys and bones. Check out your local pet store for cool Valentine’s Day toys for the dog. For the more destructive dogs, try Kong indestructible toys. For the dog who loves to chew, check out antler chews, which are dropped deer antlers. Be sure to pick bones or toys that are not a choking hazard to your dog.





Every dog loves treats! Check out our previous article on Valentine’s Day dog treats or check your local pet store for dog treats. Also,most local pet boutiques have a bakery and sell special Valentine’s Day cookies.

Winter Clothing 

In February it can be a little chilly for outside fun with your dog, but with some winter weather gear your dog can play outside. Check out a winter coat or some winter boots as Valentine’s Day gifts for your dog. The coat will help keep your dog warm on winter walks and boots will help keep his paws ice ball free.

Quality Time

Most dogs love spending time with their people and it can be the best gift you can give them. Try taking your dog to the dog park or on a long car ride.

With these gifts, you can make give a special gift to that special dog in your life. These Valentine’s Day gifts for your dog are sure to please.

How to Safely Take Your Dog to Work


Did you know that June 26th is Pet Sitters International’s 17th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day? It’s a special day of the year where businesses around the world will let you bring your dog to work. You get to bring your special furry friend to work to celebrate the wonderful relationship humans have with dogs and to promote pet adoption.

After all, dogs do make some of the best companions and bringing them with you on a regular day on the job is tons of fun. However, there are a few things to check on to make sure the day is still productive, as well as peaceful.

Go over this checklist before packing up your dog for a day at the office.

1. Check with your office:  Some offices don’t allow dogs no matter what the day is, so check with your boss beforehand.

2. Make sure your dog is fit for socializing: Make sure your dog’s shots are current and that they are feeling well. Even friendly dog’s can be aggressive if they’re sick.

3. Puppy-proof your work area: Remove poisonous plants, toxic chemical and hide electrical cords. Also, put away any office items that could get chewed up or swallowed.

4. Plan breaks and lunch according to your work schedule: Make sure to plan potty break and feeding in between any pressing matters such as phone conferences or meetings.

5. Pack them a lunch and goodie bag: Don’t forget to bring a doggie bag for Fido! Pack up food, treats, bowls, toys, leash and clean up items.

6. Don’t force interactions: Even if your dog is extremely friendly, don’t force him to interact with co-worker’s. Some people aren’t dog people (strange, but true!) and also the office can be an intimidating space for your dog.

7. Have a backup plan: Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Make sure you’d be able to leave to take them home if they start to get overly active or upset.


Take Your Dog to Work Day is a fun time to let your dog in on what goes on when you leave for the day. Instead of being like Max on Secret Life of Pets, waiting and wondering all day while his owner is gone, they’ll know where you go!


If you prefer to listen, we also recorded a Podcast on the subject!

How Do I Get My Dog into Shape?


Getting into shape is a common New Year’s goal for people and their pets. With over 50% of pets overweight, getting into shape is good goal. So, what can you do to help you get your dog into shape?



Playing with dogs can seem like a no brainer. A great calorie burning activity is fetch. Tossing the ball around gets your dog running and engaging many muscles. For a little more oomph in your fetch game, use a ChuckIt, which launches balls much farther than a person can throw them.


Getting outside 

Going for walks, hikes or runs is a great way to get your pup (and yourself) active. For overweight or out of shape dogs, start slow. Start with a slow 5-10 minute walk, then increase the speed and duration of your walks over a few weeks. Always bring water for your dog and read his body language to see when he is tired. Once your dog is in shape (and possibly with vet approval) start going for runs or long hikes.



Reducing calories 

In conjunction with exercise, reducing the calories your dog eats is key to him or her losing weight. Reducing calories can mean switching to a low calorie food or simply reducing the amount of food your dog gets. Start by cutting out excess calories, like lots of wet food or treats. Try feeding your dog healthy treats like freeze dried liver (available at the pet store) or pet friendly fruits and veggies (like watermelon and carrots). As an alternative to wet food try a small amount of boiled chicken. You can also add veggies to your pet’s dry food to add some extra bulk and fiber. This can help make the transition to a lower amount of food easier. Steamed string beans and carrots are great to add to your dog’s food.


Every pet parent wants their dog to stay happy and healthy! Getting your pup into shape helps keep your pet healthy and might even help you get healthier too.