Top 7 Father’s Day Presents

Father’s Day is almost here and why not include all the members of the family in on this special celebration? Whether the guy in your life has fur-kids, non-fur-kids, or both it’s always fun to give your loved ones an extra token of appreciation. So here are our top 7 Father’s Day presents you can get for Dad from the dog!

Dad will be super comfy showing off his dog-dad life to the world!


There is no reason both Fido and Dad wouldn’t love this killer Komando Tennis Ball Launching Gun

Give your Geek-Guy a nod to Star Wars with this Dog-Vader Father’s Day Shirt


Father's Day

Dad is sure to remember how much he’s loved all summer long with this nice pint glasses.


Father's Day

Frame their friendship in this adorable picture frame.


Father's Day

Nothing says Father’s Day like a coffee mug for dad!

Father's Day

Hours of fun in the yard or in the park with the classic Chuckit! launcher. Learn all about the ChuckIt! toys from our manager Gabby

Dad is sure to love any of these paw-some presents. Have Fido bring him the paper with breakfast in bed and little something extra just for them. After all, the dog is man’s best friend, right?

See some Father’s Day Activities to do with your dog!

What is your favorite gift to give to a loved one from a pet? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Father’s Day Presents From the Fur Kids!

Father’s Day has quickly come upon us and we know there are lots of pet parents out there who can celebrate! Your pets love you. You feed them, play with them, and give them those all-important snuggles that mean so much. So this Father’s Day, they want to give you a gift to show you how much they love you. Here are some ideas for Father’s Day presents from your furry friends:

  • A wonderful animal-related book or movie can remind Dad how special his furry friends really are! (Sometimes a nice dog training book could be a lifesaver.)
  • Custom made mugs, t-shirts, enlarged pictures, and photo books are a great option and show Dad that you love him!
  • Get matching dog tags made for your Dad (as a keychain) and your dog (as a dog tag). Then they always have a way to feel connected!
  • Another gift idea is a paw print in clay or a beautiful frame picture of your kid’s paw and a picture. Or go all out and get a custom portrait or painting of your pet done in any style you prefer!
  • Get your Dad a fun toy to play with the dog or cat and ensure they both have a great time! My husband loves nothing more than to play frisbee with Podrick, so I am sure to keep us well-stocked.
  • If your pet was adopted or a purebred, making a donation in their name to the shelter, adoption group or rescue that they came from would be a great way to celebrate.
  • Finally, giving a pet and his/her parent a weekend away would be a wonderful gift. Whether this means a camping trip in the mountains or a trip to a pet-friendly hotel, this is sure to be a great bonding experience.

So, what are your plans for Father’s Day? I hope you have lots of fun with your pets this weekend!