Support Local Pet Businesses on Small Business Saturday

How to Support Local Small Pet Businesses

Supporting small businesses is especially important in 2020 when so many have already been hard hit. Thankfully Small Business Saturday gives us a chance to really focus on local businesses and bring them some holiday cheer, and sales! If you are wondering how you can help this year, here are some ideas for you:

  • Presents – Which of your friends have pets, or just like animals? Many stores sell novelty items as well as pet supplies. Consider which gifts you can purchase at a local store instead of from a big-box competitor.
  • Presents for the Pets – Sometimes it is easier to get presents for the pets than for the people, and the people appreciate them just as much! So check out those dog beds, scratching posts, toys and treats.
  • Get a Gift for Yourself – Have you been holding off on a purchase? Maybe now is the time! Since many stores run sales, check out the deals to see if anything is of interest. If not, buy that special item anyway. You are supporting a local business!
  • Gift Cards – If you don’t know what to buy, always go with a gift card to your favorite local shop. Then your friend or family member can pick their own present! Gift cards do not have to be large amounts and can make fantastic stocking stuffers for those hard-to-buy-for folks.

Northern Colorado Small Businesses to Support

Not sure which business to support? You want to find something locally owned that appeals to you. Think about all types of pet business when looking for presents. Groomers, dog trainers, pet sitters, etc. The easiest local businesses to support are pet supply stores since they offer a wide variety of products and have items that appeal to all the people on your list. Here are local pet supply stores in Northern Colorado:

Need gift ideas? Check out these ideas and then contact your local store to see if they carry these items, or can order them:

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