Vote Yes on Larimer County Ballot Issue 200


Earlier this week I sat down like so many of you and proceeded to sort through data and articles, opinions and ballot entries for the upcoming election. Overall, this process usually takes me an hour or two as I like to make sure I am positive of my choices and am being thorough in my research. This year was especially interesting because I had an animal issue to decide, which are always proposals that are close to my heart, including  Larimer County Ballot Issue 200.

I usually do not get involved in politics. I do not discuss it in my business or with my employees. I do not mention it on social media or hand out flyers. The fact is I usually do not know what is on the ballot until I sit down to do my voting research, typically the day before the election. This year when doing my research I realized that this year, for the first time, I have something to say.

I am not a political expert, but what I am is an animal expert. I have worked at Larimer Humane Society, granted it was many years ago. I worked with Wildkind, animal rescues and aviaries. I stay in touch with current rescues and help fund raise to help animals. I married an animal control officer, so this is definitely an area with which I am familiar. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Issue 200 is set to increase taxes one penny per $10 to raise money for a new shelter for the Larimer Humane Society. Like many of you, I have mixed feelings on the humane society, often feeling they could do a better job and sometimes disliking their policies. During my research I read article after article on the issue, weeding through the opinions, but in the end I came to one realization: the opinions against Issue 200 were almost exclusively due to the fact that the writers did not feel it was the responsibility of the tax payers to help fund animal care. This statement and this statements alone is what I disagree with. No matter how well you feel Larimer Humane Society lives up to expectations, they are the group that cares for stray animals. They provide animal control facilities for animal emergencies. When there is a natural disaster they step in to provide housing for the evacuated animals. When there is a loose dog  or a trapped cat, they are who you call. Caring for the animals of our society is the responsibility of all residents, not just of those who wish to adopt pets. I know some people may take issue with the comparison, but taking care of the neglected children of Larimer County falls to all of us, as well should the care of animals. If Larimer Humane Society needs a larger building in order to save more animal lives then that is a tax I can get behind. No matter what your opinion, get out and vote this week!