September: Emergency Preparedness Month – Preparing with Pets


After seeing two extremely powerful hurricanes hit the U.S. and the raging wild fires in Oregon, it makes us all consider what we would do in a natural disaster. And it’s actually a perfect time to think about your plans since September is National Emergency Preparedness Month.

We should always be ready for whatever life throws at us, like hurricanes, droughts, fire, flood, landslides, tornadoes, terrorism, and more. There are a few things we can do that will make any disaster a little easier, especially when there are pets involved. 

Emergency Preparedness for Pets

  • Update and secure collars
  • Update microchips or have microchips implanted
  • Create a list of pet-friendly accommodations if you need to evacuate
  • Keep a recent picture of each pet
  • Make a list of emergency 24hr vets in your area
  • Have emergency food and supplies on hand
  • Have a carrier and leash for each pet
  • Coordinate with neighbors, family, friends and pet sitters in case you get stranded and your pet is home alone aloneEmergency Preparedness

Make an Emergency  Kit

It’s always important to have an emergency preparedness kit at home. Here are a few items you need to make sure to have on hand. If you’re going to be evacuated, you’ll need a 3 day supply of materials.  If you’re staying at home it’s best to plan for 2 weeks.

  • Water: One gallon, per person per day
  • Food: Stock up on at least a 3 day supply of non-perishable, easy to prepare food. Include plenty of pet food and a manual can opener. 
  • Flashlights and electric tea candles
  • First aid kit that includes pet supplies
  • Batteries, including backup batteries or chargers for phones
  • Battery powered or hand crank radio
  • Camping stove/battery powered hot plate to warm up food

There are so many things to worry about during an emergency. If you have some of your basic necessities covered, you’ll have that much more peace of mind. Plan for every member of your family, including your pets. Disasters happen fast and can hit hard. Having even the smallest plan in place will help you know how to navigate if it happens to you.

In case an emergency was to happen while a Wet Noses Pet Sitter was at your home we will do everything to keep your pet safe. We will coordinate with you and keep your pets safe until they can be reunited with you.