5 Easter Presents for Your Cat


Why should dogs and kids have all the fun?!  Your loving feline companion should enjoy a nice Easter basket too. Check out some more “pawesome” presents that your cat is sure to love.




A raised treat bowl is perfect to use as a base for a basket.  Once you have a bowl you like, start filling it up with treats and toys.





I don’t think any cat can resist the Bergan Whirly Pop Cat Toy.  It pops and rolls which stimulates your cat’s natural pouncing instincts.  The best part it is, no batteries or pieces to lose.






These cute little Mylar crinkle cat balls are a great addition to any kitty basket. Cats love to knock things around and the plastic bag sounds these make is even better.






Straight from the Easter Bunny himself, a cat nip carrot just for your kitty!






And of course, no basket is complete without some eggs! The Pet Safe Egg-Cerciser treat dispensing toy keeps them active by rewarding their play with yummy treats. Plus, you can adjust the holes to make it easier or harder for the treats for fall out.








Once you have the main fillings for your cat’s Easter basket make sure to pad it up with some of their favorite treats. A new bed, bowl, or even just a traditional basket works great for your pet to feel included in the holiday.  Just make sure to never use plastic grass as a filler because it can be harmful to your pets. Cats are especially drawn to it because, like tinsel at Christmas, it moves with the slightest breeze.  Also, if there are treats in there they could easily mistake for their food.  Use paper grass or even real grass which they can digest if they get curious and eat it.



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