How Do I Prepare my House for a Pet Sitter


It’s mid summer and if you haven’t gone on vacation, chances are you are going on one soon. There is no doubt in the fun of getting out of town with our loved ones, but we can always take our four-legged family members with us. That is when we hire pet sitters to look after them while we are at home. This way you can go on your vacation with peace of mind that they are being taken of while still enjoy the comfort of being in their own home.

So, the vacation is planned, the hotel booked, and lists are being made, but now you may be left thinking, “well, should I and how do I prepare my house for a pet sitter?” Firstly, yes there are a few things you should do to prepare for a pet sitter and here is what you need to know:

Gather all of your pet’s care items as well as emergency contact information  in one easy to find location. Clear out a drawer or cabinet, or simple put everything in a tupperware and leave it on the table.  

Things to include:

  • List of emergency numbers and hotel/flight information – Don’t forget to include numbers of neighbors or family nearby and your vet  in case you are unreachable.
  • Explanation of daily routine/areas where they are or are not allowed. Include their general likes and dislikes, as well as sneaky habits if they have any.
  • Food & Treats including can opener and plastic bowls if needed. Throw in an extra bag of food just in case. Some dogs tend to eat more out of boredom when their owner is 
  • Harness, leashes and an extra set of tags (just in case).
  • Flashlight and batteries because with summer comes unexpected storms and sometimes power outages.
  • Medicine if they need it and detailed instructions plus veterinarian contact information. 
  • Paper towels and cleaning supplies
  • Plastic grocery bags

Once you have your drawer or box of supplies ready, it’s time to do a little extra dog proofing. Mundane items of the home may suddenly seems like something fun, including blinds, cords, books, videos, etc. Also, make sure to put away any toxic cleaners or plants while you’re away.

Just will help you prepare your house for your pet sitter and have a great vacation at the same time.


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