Dog Tails: One Cute Dog Playing in the Snow

Guest writer: Fort Collins Sidehill Pet Sitter Kelly and One Cute Dog

Tanga is one of our fantastic pet sitting clients and when they are out of ton I get to spend quite a bit of time with her. She is a very energetic and happy cute dog, and she absolutely loves the snow (which we have had more than enough of lately.)  When I walk her and there are snow piles, she will start rolling around in them and having a wonderful time.

One evening it was snowing and she was having the time of her life biting at the snow flakes and rolling around on the ground. I could tell how much fun she was having so I started getting snow balls and throwing them in the air. She would jump in the air and bite at them and it turned into a game of catch with snowballs.  We had a wonderful time and she was extra tired that night!