New Years Resolutions to Bond with Your Pet


The New Year has arrived and if you are like most people you are setting your resolutions for the coming year. The best resolutions can improve the lives of you and your pets, and bring you closer together! Here we have 5 suggestions on how to set New Years Resolutions to improve the bond with your dog or cat!

(If you are interested in a podcast, we did an episode on this same subject!)

1. Exercise with your pets

You can take your dog or a walk or a run, go rollerblading or hiking. The options are endless! No matter your sport of choice, you can probably find a way to include your dog. cats are a little harder to convince but finding the perfect toy and play style to match your cat can be a great challenge.

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2. Improve their (and your) quality of food

Good nutrition is invaluable both for you and your pets. Take some time this year to analyze your diets. Visit a local pet food supplier, do some research online and change it up! Ideally cats should eat an all wet food, high-quality diet and dogs need high quality food. You can learn a lot about dog nutrition at Dog Food Advisor, which rose to popularity when dog foods were being recalled in high numbers.

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3. Take a class together

There are so many options these days for classes for pets. Look up local dog trainers to find options like obedience, agility, nosework and rally. There is something for every dog! If a traditional class does not fit into your schedule then consider an online course such as Ian Dunar’s Dog & Cat Behavior Problems class on Udemy. Being able to understand your pets better will lead to a more enjoyable life for everyone in the household!

4. Teach a new trick

Tricks are fun for your pets to learn and for us to teach! Plus who does not enjoy showing off a cool new trick to their friends? Teaching tricks can be easy once you know the steps to take for your dog or cat. The key to bonding is to do short training sessions and to keep the experience all positive and fun. You can find endless videos for teaching dog and cat tricks on YouTube, or take a specific class like Dog Training – Tricks Level 1 or It’s All Tricks!

5. Play a new game

Games are fun to play with your pets and can be adapted to the weather and your pet’s preferences. Check out our links for a ton of game ideas!

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