Most Popular Dog and Cat Names From 2021_Header

Most Popular Dog and Cat Names From 2021

Most Popular Dog and Cat Names From 2021_HeaderMost Popular Dog and Cat Names From 2021

2021 was a year wasn’t it and that is reflected in the most popular dog and cat names from 2021. With more people becoming pet parents than ever there were sure to be some creative pet names. Does your pet’s name make this list?

A cat playing with yarn on a pink and white background. The top cat names of 2021 are Luna, Bella, Lily, Lucy and Nala.

Credit: The Dog People

Pet names are like a snapshot for a specific time period. When historical events take place or a new celebrity emerges we see that reflected in pets names. 2021 brought us another year of COVID-19, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Bridgerton (Netflix TV show) released, Bitcoin hit a new ATH, Kim K and Kanye broke up, so many things happened.

This year we saw an even larger increase in COVID-19 related names. Coming in at a+443% increase in cats being named Fauci and +43% being named Covi. It seems like people are still on the COVID-19 naming trend for pets. While names like Rona and Covid were down for cats but the same isn’t true for dogs. With a +35% increase in the name Covid and a +443% increase in the name Zoom. Prior to 2020 hardly any pets were named Fauci, Covid, or COVID-19 related names.

A German Shepherd wearing a mask for Covid-19 inspired dog names

Credit: The Dog People

Taylor Swift lost her top spot with dog parents making way for Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez, A-Rod, and Doja Cat. Taylor held on strong for cats, increasing by +76%. Some popular celebrity names for cats in 2021 were: Yeezy, Doja/Doja Cat (+176%), Oprah, Miley Cyrus, GaGa, and Dua Lipa.

Celebrity inspired dog names

Credit: The Dog People

Breaking the most popular names down by sex between cats and dogs gives us these lists:

Top Female Names for Dog: Bella, Luna, Lucy, Daisy, Zoe, Lily, Lola, Bailey, Stella, and Molly

Top Male Names for Dogs: Max, Charlie, Milo, Buddy, Rocky, Bear, Leo, Duke, Teddy, and Tucker

Is your pets name on this list or did you go with another theme?

Top Female Names for Cats: Luna, Bella, Lily, Lucy, Nala, Kitty, Chloe, Stella, Zoe, and Lola

Top Male Names for Cats: Oliver, Leo, Milo, Charlie, Max, Simba, Jack, Loki, Ollie, and Jasper

Some of these names even overlap with Baby Center’s top baby names of 2021. With Leo, Luna, Oliver, and Stella all making that list.

The cast of Friends (dog edition) on the famous couch.

We even saw an increase in pets named after Friends characters following the reunion this year. Pets being named Phoebe Buffay was up +963% this year. Yes, that’s right. The full name. Not just Phoebe. Joey, Gunther, Chandler, and Ross also made the list. There was an increase in pets named after the popular show The Mandalorian with an increase in dogs being named Grogu.

But enough about what The Dog People found! What did Wet Noses Pet Sitting find? We compiled a list of all of our clients pets names who we did visits for in 2021 and found the most popular.

Wet Noses Pet Sitting Top Dog Names 2021











Top Names for Dogs: Bella, Lucy, Max, Charlie, Rocky

For our feline clients we found these names to be the most popular.

Wet Noses Pet Sitting Top Cat Names 2021










Top Names for Cats: Luna, Milo, Charlie, Lily, Lucy

Lucy and Charlie both were in our top 5 for cats and dogs. Seems like our data findings match up with what The Dog People found!

This is just a scratch in the surface from what The Dog People found. If you wish to learn more about the most popular cat and dog names of 2021, visit the links provided. Let us know in the comments if your pets name made their most popular names list! We’d love to know why you chose that name.

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