Should I Get an Adult Cat or a Kitten?


Have you been thinking about adding a kitty to your household but cannot decide what kind of cat you should get, an adult cat or a kitten?  This is a common question that we hear as Fort Collins cat sitters!  These kittens might be awful cute but are they really the best match for your home?

Kitten considerations
Let’s face it, kittens are cute and fun!  Who does not want a darling little ball of fur to play with?  Kittens are also into everything and have a lot more energy than most adult cats.

Adult cat considerations
When meeting an adult cat, especially a cat that has been in a foster home, you have a good idea of the personality of the cat.  All cats will have an adjustment time once they come into your home, but if a cat is very outgoing or very shy you will be able to get a hint of that up front.  As a side story about our cat Aislinn, my husband was looking for an outgoing cat to add to his family.  He was at the humane society and when he opened the cage door for a little calico and she jumped right out onto his shoulder.  He spent the next twenty minutes walking around with her and took her home the next day.  Aislinn is one of the most friendly cats I have ever met and runs to greet strangers at the front door.  My husband picked a very social cat without knowing anything about her history.

Other considerations
Adult cats are less likely to destroy your curtains or your favorite clothes.  They are closer to an age when they might have health problems, but many adult cats will have many years in them before they become “old”.  We are quickly coming into kitten season so if you go to adopt a cat you will be faced with many cute kittens just waiting for good homes, so decide before you go which better suits your home.  Once you get there you will be consumed by cute faces unless you have a plan!

If you have questions about where to go to adopt a cat or which may better suit your household contact Wet Noses Pet Sitting!