Keeping Your Dog Fit


Even more so than human beings, dogs require regular exercise to remain healthy, happy and out of mischief. Not only does a playful romp tire him out – making him less inclined to destructive behavior – but it also increases his serotonin production, a neurotransmitter that helps prevent depression and anxiety, as well as control appetite. When beginning a new exercise routine with your pooch, take it slow and take frequent breaks to allow him to drink fresh water (it’s a good idea to encourage him to drink water prior to an activity to maintain hydration).

How how can you make sure your are keeping your dog fit? Here are some tips from your Fort Collins pet sitter:

Go for walks 

Begin with short walks, then increase the duration as your dog seems more comfortable

Take your dog on a hike 

Most trails in Larimer county allow dogs on the trails ( a few don’t so be sure to look up the trail you are headed to), take your dog with you. Start with a short flat hike, then you can increase length and incline as your dog gets more in shape.

Play fetch

This one seems pretty intuitive but all that toy chasing burns a lot of calories. Try a few different toys to see which one your dog likes to fetch best, then get out and play. Start with a ten minute session then increase the time by five minutes each time you play or until your pup gets too tired. And don’t worry if your dog does not bring the toy back as long as he chases it, he is burning calories.

Almost every activity that gets your dog up and moving is good exercise for him. Be sure to try a few different activities and find one that both you and your dog enjoy.


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