In Home Dog Sitting Services


In home dog sitting services are awesome when you are leaving town you want to make sure your dog is well taken care of. You could ask a friend or family member, or you can look for a Professional Pet Sitting Company.

How Do In Home Dog Sitting Services Work?

All Professional Pet Sitting Companies work a bit differently, so I can speak to how to we do things here at Wet Noses Pet Sitting. When we watch dogs we are looking to ensure they are as comfortable as possible when you are gone. This means we:

  • Feed dogs on their normal schedule. Maintaining a normal schedule allows your dog to continue their normal routine and not get hungry or worried.
  • Exercise her how you normally would, or more. Some dogs can use a lot of exercise and we have the time to provide it! Our only concern during our visits is your dog, so if she needs a 1 hour walk to be happy, we can do that. Tired dogs are good dogs!
  • Give her lots of pets and cuddles! Some dogs love walks and some love to just get cuddles on the couch. That cuddle time is just as important to their mental health as exercise.
  • Design a schedule that matches her needs. We are here for your dog’s comfort, not our own, so we do everything we can to match the schedule and routine that is best for your dog.
  • Send you updates! We want you to enjoy your time away and the only way to do that is if you know your dog is being well cared for. We love to send picture and video updates as often as you want to receive them!

What About Schedules?

Picking the perfect schedule for in home dog sitting can be hard, but that is why we are professionals! We are here to talk you through your dog’s routine and give you suggestions based on our experience. We will ask:

  • What breed is she and how old is she?
  • How often does your dog go potty?
  • What is her normal feeding schedule?
  • How much exercise does she get?
  • What is her normal routine?
  • What would your ideal schedule look like?

Then we put together a couple recommendations for in home dog sitting just for you and your pup. You can see some of our regular recommendations for dogs, puppies, active dogs and diabetic dogs. These are schedules we have found to be most successful as a starting point.

Dog during in home dog sitting services

How Much Does In Home Dog Sitting Cost?

The cost of visits starts at $22, but can vary based on number of pets, location and length of visits. You can view our base rates on our Services page and when we discuss your individual household we will be able to provide you with an exact rate.

How to Schedule In Home Dog Sitting

You can schedule in home dog sitting by contacting us directly via phone, email, or submitting a request on our website. We will always reach out to you to discuss your household and make sure we know everything we need to about your dog. Our goal is to provide the best possible in home dog sitting, which we can only do if we know as much as possible about your household. After that we get you set up in our system and you are able to schedule visits that work for you. After your initial set up you will be able to schedule your visits online whenever is convenient for you!

We are here to give you peace of mind during your trip when you know your dog is in the best of hands. In home dog sitting with Wet Noses Pet Sitting means you can relax and enjoy your trip!

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