How to Work from Home with Your Pets During the Coronavirus Pandemic!


Many of us are suddenly having to work from home as schools and workplaces shut down. So here I have suggestions for you on how to keep getting work done even with the distractions of dogs and cats all over!

1. Establish your business expectations

Check with your boss and see exactly what expectations they have with you working from home. Do they want you to keep the same work hours? What if your cat decides to walk in front of the screen during a video call? What if your dog barks while you are on a call with a client? Are these acceptable interruptions? Having a clear understanding of how this change will work and how it will affect your home life is important.

2. Keep your routine the same

Humans and pets thrive on routine. Normally when you are home on evenings and weekends, you are off of work and happy to spend time with your pets. This time with you at home will be confusing for your pets so it is best to keep your routine the same. Get up at the same time, feed them, go for walks, get dressed and start working at the times you normally would.

3. Set up a special place in your home

Working in a specific area of your home that is set aside for work can help keep distractions to a minimum. Analyze the space and make it comfortable for your pets by adding beds, bowls and toys to keep your pets out of your space. If you need to lock your pets out (do not feel guilty if you do), then you will need a room with a door, not the kitchen table.

4. Use a dog walker

Even though you are working from home, still consider using a dog walker to continue your normal routine and support your local company. Even if you do not normally have a dog walker, consider reserving one to take out your dog during the day or perhaps during an important call to make sure you are not interrupted.


This is a stressful time but we can band together and get through this together!

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