How to Make Your Own Pill Poppers At Home!


Pill poppers are a fantastic tool that make it much easier for you to pill your dog or cat without a huge hassle. Put the pill inside and feed it like a treat. Other foods things like cheese will fall apart in your hands, but these treats form around the pill and make it hard to separate, so your pet will not just eat around it. However, commercial pill poppers are made with tons of preservatives and only come in a couple flavors, plus they are a little costly. Instead learn how to make your own pill poppers at home!

Advantages of Making Pill Poppers

  • All healthy ingredients that you control
  • Adjust the flavor based on the preferences of your pets
  • Work around any allergies
  • Inexpensive to make a large batch
  • No preservatives

In this video Sue Carroll with Bones du Jour teaches us all how to make pill poppers and even demonstrates how easy it is!

At the end stay for a demonstration on how to make scary Halloween monster dog cookies!


The Host

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