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How Much Sleep Does A Cat Need?

How Much Sleep Does A Cat Need?_Header

How Much Sleep Does A Cat Need?

Have you ever wondered how much sleep does a cat need? Do you think your cat is sleeping excessively? There’s a good chance that they’re not!

Understanding Why

Cats are a crepuscular animal

Cats are most active between dusk and dawn which means they sleep during the day and wake up around the evening. This is also referred to as crepuscular. Hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, red pandas, wombats, foxes, and most large cats all fall into the crepuscular classification. Because of this your cat will enjoy screaming at you at the fine hour of 2AM instead of 2PM.

Then why is my cat active during the day?

Domestic animals can shift their schedule to match their caretakers. That’s why your cat will still wake you up at 10AM for breakfast even though it’s well past dawn. Most animals don’t enter REM sleep, that deep sleep humans do, because they are still wired to be on the lookout for predators. So they’ll always have one ear open to be ready to wake up at a moments notice.

Sleep is in their DNA

Our feline companions are remarkably similar to their wild big cat counterparts. If you’ve ever watched a nature documentary about big cats I’m sure you’ve noticed how lions and cheetahs have a big burst of speed but can’t always keep up with their faster prey who can run for longer. Big cats need to conserve their energy for these hunts and while Mr. Noodles doesn’t need to hunt a gazelle, those same mechanisms of conserving energy are still in place.

How much sleep does a cat need?

Cats need an average of 12-16 hours a day but some days your kitty can sleep up to 20 hours. If the weather is gloomy, just like humans, you might find your cat laying low and sleeping more. This is also true if you have an older, arthritic pet where the changes in air pressure can make their joints ache.

Sleeping too much or to little?

What if my cat isn’t getting enough sleep?

If your cat isn’t getting enough sleep it’s time to talk to your veterinarian. You cat could be suffering from anxiety due to changes in the house that don’t allow them to sleep. Or it could be a sign of another health issue. You might also not think your cat is getting enough sleep when in fact they are. Cats are well, cats. They sleep whenever they please and they most likely won’t sleep for the full 12-16 hours at once.

What if my cat is sleeping too much?

It’s also time to visit a veterinarian if you feel your cat is sleeping too much. As our cats age, just like people, they tend to sleep more. Or if your cat has recently had surgery and is recovering you can expect them to be sleeping for longer periods. They may also sleep more if you’ve had a lifestyle change, moved houses, new baby, or even rearranged your furniture. If your cat is suddenly sleeping more and you can’t think of a reason it’s time for a vet appointment.

How many hours does your cat sleep? Are they are 12 hour kind of cat or a 20 hour? Let us know in the comments as we’d love to hear about your cats.