How Much Does it Cost to Use a Self-Service Dog Wash?

Depending on where you go in Fort Collins or Loveland and what type of bath package you choose, a self-service dog wash can range in pricing. Remember, all services are on a first-come first-serve basis. Be sure to hurry in as peak times are on the weekends during the middle of the day! Here are some of the different options that self-service dog wash locations offer.

Less expensive options:

If you are looking for a basic wash without all the bells and whistles, Unleashed by Petco is the place to go. At $10 per dog, you are permitted the use of an elevated tub, towels, grooming tools, an apron, a dryer, shampoo and conditioner.

Mid-priced options

Do you want to spoil your dog, but not break the bank? Then these self-serve locations may be best suited for you and your pups. Cosmic Dog offers a fun, spa-like atmosphere with a plethora of choices for shampoo, conditioner and even a spritz, all for $14! Doggie Baths and Beyond offers 3 different packages, ranging from a basic wash at $10 to a deluxe wash at $15. Poudre Pet and Feed Supply offers a $15 wash at select locations. Camp Bow Wow offers a $15 wash for current clients only. All of these facilities provide raised tubs, easy access stairs or ramps, no slip mats, dog dryers, aprons, and brushes, as well as a variety of shampoos and conditioners.

More expensive options:

For those looking for a self-service dog wash with a more spa-like environment with a variety of add-ons, The Dog Pawlour or Doggie Dips and Chips may be the place for you. Baths here run about $16 for your first dog, and offer a small discount on your other dog’s bath if sharing the same tub. Depending on where you go, these facilities offer the basics like a tub, grooming tools, and towels, as well as a variety of scented shampoos and conditioners to choose from.

So whether your pups had some fun at the dog park rolling in the mud or just need a bath to freshen up, think about taking them to a self-serve dog wash! Just remember that in Fort Collins or Loveland, self-serve baths will range from $10 to $16. It is worth the money and will save you time from scrubbing your bathroom tub!

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