Greeley Veterinary Emergency Clinics


Accidents and emergencies involving pets do happen, and often they seem to happen after normal business hours. Knowing where to take your dog or cat in an emergency can make a huge difference in the outcome. We recommend you know your closest clinic and symptoms that are a cause for concern:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Profound weakness or collapse
  • Seizures
  • Obvious signs of trauma
  • Protracted vomiting/diarrhea (especially if bloody)
  • Signs of pain or extreme restlessness and vocalization
  • Ingestion of a known toxin
  • Hindquarter paralysis
  • Abnormal urination

Our top choices for emergency vet clinics in the Greeley, Colorado area

PETS Emergency Hospital

  • 3629 23rd Ave, Evans, CO 80620
  • (970) 230-7570
  • 24/7 emergency care


West Ridge Animal Hospital

  • 8235 W 20th St, Greeley, CO 80634
  • (970) 330-7283
  • Extended emergency hours



Royal Vista

  • 4630 Royal Vista Circle Suite #11, Windsor, CO 80528
  • (970) 825-5975


Always be prepared for an emergency

Know your closest emergency veterinary clinic. Get regular checkups for your pets to make sure they are healthy. Pet-proof your home and get your pets regular exercise to make sure they do not get too bored.

Also, never leave them unattended for extended periods of time. Even the most relaxed pet can get into mischief if they are bored. Hire a pet sitter when you’re going out of town or on an extra-long day trip. We’d love to set you up with one of our awesome Wet Noses Pet Sitters to help ensure that your pet is safe. Just give us a call any time you need it!

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