Cold Weather Precautions for Pets


With winter weather upon us, we need to ensure we are taking care to ensure our pets are properly protected against the cold weather and elements. Many things are simply overlooked by pet owners however there are something’s that are not understood by us humans. Yes…..pets do get cold. They feel the cold and they do suffer from cold environments.

admin-ajaxPlease, take a moment to read some tips for cold weather precautions and how to keep your pet safe and warm this winter season:

  • Caution with the Salt. Many snow laden cities utilize salt in order to melt frozen snow. Please note that this is very irritating to your pet’s paws. So when taking Fido for a walk, please make sure you don’t parade him thru salted areas. If he does get some on his paws, wipe them up when you return home.
  • Keep your pet hydrated. They will still require a lot of water during the winter months. They burn a large amount of energy in an effort to keep warm. Access to water all year is a must. If your pet is outside for a few hours, leave the water but remember to not put the water in a metal bowl as it will cause your pet’s tongue to stick and freeze to that surface.
  • Pets love to be indoors, despite what some humans think. Fido is not at his happiest when he is locked outside, especially when it is freezing out. Yes, dogs love walks and parks and playing but if you’re with them! Don’t leave your pup outside in the cold. Wind-chill can threaten your dog’s life and he can suffer frostbite and hypothermia.
  • Antifreeze is a NO NO! Please pay close attention to any that may be lurking on the ground. It tastes sweet and will lure your pet towards it. Clean it up! It is toxic to ALL animals.
  • Provide your dog with a warm place to sleep. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, some well-intentioned pet owners forget that a tile or linoleum floor or heck, even a carpeted floor is simply not enough sometimes. The floors are extremely cold and are especially troublesome for a senior pet.

These are just a few cold weather precautions to keep your pet safe as the temperature drops. So as you are getting your house, your car and your family ready for the cold weather, stop and think about your pets! And remember, cold weather usually means New Years and fireworks are right around the corner. Here are some Fireworks Safety Tips to keep in mind.

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Tell us – what are you doing this year to keep your pet safe from the cold?

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