6 Places to Go With Your Dog in Fort Collins


Fort Collins is a very dog friendly town and there are plenty of places to explore with your pooch. Keep in mind that Fort Collins recently changed its health code rule. That means, often times pet dogs are not allowed inside outdoor patios any longer, but can be right outside the fence.

Sierra Trading Post

Who doesn’t love Sierra Trading Post, the discount outdoor wares store? Now fido can love it with you too. Sierra Trading Post is extremely dog friendly and loves to see pups in their store. You and your dog can check out their awesome pet section and maybe even pick out a new harness.

Bath Garden Center

Does your doggy love picking out new plants (or better yet, picking out new things to pee on)? Then head on over to Bath Garden Center. This store is very dog friendly inside and out and even has their own store foster dog. Just be sure to keep an eye on your dog, you don’t want him peeing on a plant that isn’t yours yet!

Home Depot

This large warehouse store is friendly to dogs. Many dogs love perusing the isles and getting to greet the friendly people who work there.


This outdoor recreation store is extremely dog friendly. Your dog will love getting to say “Hi!” to the friendly employees and plan for your next adventure with you.

Walrus Ice Cream

While this beloved ice cream shop does not allow dogs inside, they do have a special treat for canine companions. Every Sunday is dog day! Where Fido can get a bit of doggy ice cream to enjoy with you. Busy on Sunday? That’s okay, you can ask for a doggy scoop of vanilla ice cream to share with your dog.

Gryphon Games and Comics and the Purple Cup Cafe

Even though dogs are not allowed inside the coffee area, they are welcome to go into the store and hang out in the game area. Dogs love to go shopping with their folks and enjoy the sunshine!

General Guidelines for Taking Your Pet With You:

  • Always keep your dog leashed, on a hand held (non-retractable) leash
  • Always be under your control
  • Should be potty trained
  • Have all his shots and be healthy (for his and other dogs protection)
  • And be friendly to other dogs and strangers

It’s always fun to bring your pet with you with you’re out an about. Just make sure your pet is comfortable and follow the above guidelines for a good time. Also, brush up on the newest leash laws too.

Do you have a favorite place to take your pet? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

5 Tips to Picking a Veterinarian You Love!


Adding a new pet to your family is very exciting. It’s important to find a good vet and start their care as soon as possible. But it is likely that you feel a little overwhelmed when you see the long list of vets in the directory. It’s not too hard to narrow down the search if you know what to consider when choosing a vet.

1. What kind of accreditation do they have?

The best veterinary hospitals are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). They regularly evaluate the practices on about 900 different standards of excellence, which means the level of care is the best in the industry. Visit their website to find an AAHA accredited vet near you.

Many clinics are also starting to offer a Fear Free certification. This is a course that teaches veterinarians to work with animals in such a way as to minimize the fear and stress involve in a vet visit. Find a Fear Free certified veterinarian near you.

2. How convenient are their hours and location?

There’s no doubt that we are busy people. That is why it is important to have a veterinarian office that is located near your home or on your daily commute. Moreover, make sure that they have the hours that fit your daily schedule. If you work long days, find a location with evening or weekend hours.

3. What type of emergency care do they offer?

Accidents and sickness happens. We can’t plan for them and unfortunately they also can happen at all hours of the night. Make sure to have a plan in place for emergency care. If the vet you choose has AAHA accreditation, there is a good chance they have 24 hour emergency services.

4. Do they in house medical equipment and lab testing?

The best offices have in house testing and equipment. If your pet needs lab work or x-rays, the results will be faster; meaning you will know what is wrong and how to treat it as soon as possible.

5. Are there good online reviews and testimonials?

Nothing beats a face to face encounter to tell how much (or how little) you are going to like any particular office. However, in the great day and age of the internet, we have sites like Yelp.com that help shine the light behind the doors. Read reviews on community sites as well as testimonials on their website as well. This will help you get an idea if the practice is a good fit for you family.


After you’ve picked a vet, go for a regular check to assess the level of care. If they are a perfect, then great! If not, try again until you find the one that is just right for you.

Do you have any recommendations for veterinarian offices in the Fort Collins or Loveland area? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Self-Service Dog Wash?

Depending on where you go in Fort Collins or Loveland and what type of bath package you choose, a self-service dog wash can range in pricing. Remember, all services are on a first-come first-serve basis. Be sure to hurry in as peak times are on the weekends during the middle of the day! Here are some of the different options that self-service dog wash locations offer.

Less expensive options:

If you are looking for a basic wash without all the bells and whistles, Unleashed by Petco is the place to go. At $10 per dog, you are permitted the use of an elevated tub, towels, grooming tools, an apron, a dryer, shampoo and conditioner.

Mid-priced options

Do you want to spoil your dog, but not break the bank? Then these self-serve locations may be best suited for you and your pups. Cosmic Dog offers a fun, spa-like atmosphere with a plethora of choices for shampoo, conditioner and even a spritz, all for $14! Doggie Baths and Beyond offers 3 different packages, ranging from a basic wash at $10 to a deluxe wash at $15. Poudre Pet and Feed Supply offers a $15 wash at select locations. Camp Bow Wow offers a $15 wash for current clients only. All of these facilities provide raised tubs, easy access stairs or ramps, no slip mats, dog dryers, aprons, and brushes, as well as a variety of shampoos and conditioners.

More expensive options:

For those looking for a self-service dog wash with a more spa-like environment with a variety of add-ons, The Dog Pawlour or Doggie Dips and Chips may be the place for you. Baths here run about $16 for your first dog, and offer a small discount on your other dog’s bath if sharing the same tub. Depending on where you go, these facilities offer the basics like a tub, grooming tools, and towels, as well as a variety of scented shampoos and conditioners to choose from.

So whether your pups had some fun at the dog park rolling in the mud or just need a bath to freshen up, think about taking them to a self-serve dog wash! Just remember that in Fort Collins or Loveland, self-serve baths will range from $10 to $16. It is worth the money and will save you time from scrubbing your bathroom tub!

Why I Love Being Your Sidehill Sitter

Being a pet sitter is the best job in the world! I have worked many other jobs in the pet care industry, but working for Sidehill as a pet sitter is my favorite job I have ever had. Here are three reasons I love being your pet sitter and love being a Sidehill sitter.

1. At Sidehill we strive to give the best care to your pet. 

We know that leaving your pets at home can be scary! As a pet parent I feel the same way, but I trust Sidehill 100% to keep my animals happy and safe.I know that all of our sitters do everything we can to keep your animals content. We love to give extra belly rubs, extra play time and sometimes extra treats. Additionally, all of our sitters go thought lots of training, including pet first aid and CPR, to keep your pet safe.

2. We get to form relationships with the pets we take care of.

 Many of our clients at Sidehill book regularly, so we get to develop relationships with pets. One of my favorite experiences as a pet sitter was developing a relationship with a shy dog. I have watched this dog and his brother and sister multiple times. Each time he barked at me and did not want anything to do with me. This went on for a few visits, then slowly he started warming up to me. Finally he wanted to hang out with me, I know soon I will be able to pet him. This experience was very fulfilling and why I know forming relationships with pets is so important.


3. We get to make clients feel safe.

Another cool part of my job is forming relationships with my clients. Our clients are really cool people and really care about their pets. Leaving your pet in the care of a stranger is so hard. For this reason, we do client meetings. During a client meeting your sitter gets to learn about your home and pets. The other benefit to client meetings is that you get to put a face to your pet sitter. Knowing who your pet sitter is really helps make our clients feel safer about leaving their pets at home. Additionally, we always offer to text or email our clients each day. This allows the client to check up on their pet and helps them feel safer.


Being a pet sitter is a really amazing job. I get to work with awesome pets and learn new things every day. We love getting to work with you and your pets and can’t wait to meet you (or see your pets again)!


The Dangers of a Hot Car



Most pet parents know the dangers of leaving our pups in the car during a warm day, but unfortunately many don’t realize how quickly a hot car becomes lethal. We tell ourselves that it will only be five minutes, or that the window is cracked open, but this is not enough to keep your dog safe.

After just ten minutes on an 80 degree day, the car is already 99 degrees! Imagine being in a 90 degree car with a fur coat on and that’s what it is like in your hot car for your dog. Dogs can easily get heat stroke, which can result in lots of time at the vet and possibly death.

So what can you do to avoid a situation too hot to handle?

1. Take your dog into stores with you.

Many stores that do not sell food, like Home Depot and Apple, will allow leashed and well behaved dogs in the store. Make sure that your dog is on a secure leash, does not bother other people and is not a distraction.

2. Eat outside

If you are going out to eat, sit with your dog on the patio and ask to be seated in the shade.

Learn about dog friendly restaurants in Fort Collins.

3. Hire a dog walker!

Leave your dog at home and have a dog walker stop by to play with your pup! You can go on your errands without worrying about your dog, planning your stops or clocking your time. Your dog gets a dedicated friend to come by and spend time with her! Learn more about how dog walks work.


A Day in the Life of Kit the Dog: An Outing to Bones du Jour


Written by Kit (with help from Gillian Rankin aka Mom)

The day started out like any other, but little did I know my mom had a surprise for me in store. It was a couple of weeks ago and I thought I was tagging a long for some of my mom’s errands when we stopped in a parking lot I didn’t recognize and she opened MY door. It turns out that parking lot was home to a locally owned dog bakery called Bones du Jour and at first I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Man, what can I say, when you walk into this bakery (conveniently located within walking distance of my favorite local hangout, City Park) you are greeted by the wonderful sounds of dogs saying hello and the aroma of all of my favorite smells. Then, as if out of my dreams, a wonderful stranger appeared bearing the most delicious biscuits I had ever tasted. This woman turned out to be none other than “biscuitologist” and Bones du Jour owner, Sue Carroll.

My mom and Sue began talking, while I began my investigation. I was looking for the source of these wonderful smells! While wandering I overheard Sue saying that she had been baking since 2004 (which is 63 years in dog years!).



Now, I consider myself a biscuit connoisseur of sorts, so this visit quickly became an opportunity to test my skills. Every so often Sue would have to step to the back to check the oven and when she returned, she brought with her samples for me to try. In the first, I detected notes of pumpkin and ginger, and the second tasted strongly of peanut butter! My favorite, though, would probably have to have been buffalo liver. Yum!

Everything Sue does at Bones du Jour is all-natural, but I didn’t miss any of the bad stuff! She took out all the preservatives and fats that us dogs only think we need. Instead, she uses whole grains and other locally sourced ingredients.

My mom reminded me that this was not the first time I had tasted Sue’s biscuits. It was actually at Animal House, a local dog rescue, where she had donated treats to their annual ‘Comedy Night’ event. My mom tells me that she sees her all over town, though! I’m told you can find her at our local farmer’s markets. I highly recommend you stop in to see Sue, and be sure to tell her Kit sent you!



A Special thanks to Bones du Jour for allowing us to come visit!

To visit them yourself get your parents to take you to 1720 W. Mulberry #B8, Fort Collins, CO  80521. You will love it too!

Amazing Pet Pictures With Silver Paw Studio


It was a wonderful day when Monique with Silver Paw Studios contacted me about doing a photo session with my fur kids. We arranged a time for her to come to our home and she set up a backdrop in our living room. Our pup Podrick is plenty happy to go outside but our older kitty Aislinn is a little nervous to be outside, so the indoor photo plan was perfect. Aislinn is now 17 years old and has some health problems so I was excited to get some amazing pet pictures in case she became more ill.

Monique was very patient giving Podrick and Aislinn time to get used to the background and the equipment before taking any pictures. We used treats and toys to help them settle in and then the beautiful photos began!









This is my favorite picture of Podrick. He is so cute with his eyes closed!








In the end we took some family pictures as well. Getting my crazy kids to all focus, sit still for a moment and actually look cute is nothing short of a miracle! Monique does photographs inside and outside depending on your preference, but often inside is better for cats. If you want to have some great holidays photos this year contact Silver Paw Studios today!

Cuddle Crate – Fantastic fun for you and your dog

Wet Noses Pet Sitting is super excited to announce Cuddle Crate, our very own monthly subscription box for you and your dog. Each month we put together a box of treats, toys and dog related items and deliver it to your door, hassle free! Our first boxes were in September so now is the time to subscribe either for you or a friend. Cuddle Crates make a great gift!

But here are the really exciting parts:
– Each month we sponsor a local charity that will receive 10% of the proceeds! For the first month we are super excited to work with A Soft Place to Land in order to help them in their quest to rescue hard to place dogs.
– Each month we also will feature a local pet business that we feel is a great company to work with. For the first month we are just featuring ourselves as we get going.
– We are working to include as many locally made products as possible, from treats to bandanas.
– You can subscribe for a single box, three months or six months depending on your preference. If you want to give a subscription as a gift, especially with the holidays approaching, just list their address as the delivery address or drop us an email.

Check out the website for full details and to subscribe today!

Our September Cuddle Crate

4 Reasons to Become a Pet Foster Parent


One of the greatest things that can be done for animals in need, is to open up your home and your heart to becoming a pet foster parent. Many rescues, adoption groups, and even some humane societies and pounds work with foster homes to help the animals adjust to home life. Here are just four of the many advantages to becoming a pet foster parent:

  1. Giving love to animals without the commitment of adopting. Many times these animals have long needed a gentle hand and a warm heart. Spending time giving love to a cat or dog without the commitment of fostering can be healthy for both you and the animal, and is very good for elevating mood.
  2. Helping to provide room for more animals to be rescued. Every animal that is fostered makes room for another in a shelter. The more people that foster, the more popular fostering will become!
  3. Helping to place each animal into its forever home by learning its likes, dislikes, and any quirks. These facts help to place the animal with a family that has a similar personality. This gives a much higher chance of the adoption working out.
  4. “Test driving” different breeds or personalities before adopting. If you are looking to adopt an animal yourself, fostering is a good way to wet your feet while helping animals. This is a great way to see if you are prepared for pet ownership. It’s a great way for you to pinpoint the perfect pet!

Hopefully this has given you some great reasons to consider becoming a pet foster parent. It’s never too early to start helping animals!


South Mesa Veterinary Hospital Interview with Dr. Jana Dean

Here at Wet Noses Pet Sitting, we’re always looking for pet resources to share with the Fort Collins Community. We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Jana Dean at South Mesa Veterinary Hospital!

Read on to learn all about South Mesa Veterinary Hospital and how they can be of service to you and your animal companions!

3801 S. Mason Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone:  (970) 226-5717
Email: info@southmesa.com
Website: http://southmesa.com/

How long have you been in business?
South Mesa Veterinary Hospital has been in business since 1972 and in this location since 1992.

How many vets are there on staff?
We have 9 doctors on staff.

What are the hours of operation?
We are open 7:30-7:00 Mon-Thurs, and 7:30-5:30 Friday.  7:30-3:00 Saturdays.

What is the availability for last minute visits?
We always welcome work-in appointments, emergencies, same-day appointments, etc. and we set aside specific slots for these every day.

What types of animals do you treat?
We primarily treat dogs and cats, but also have two doctors who will see rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

What is the cost of an exam/check- up fee?
Our exam fees vary depending on the type of visit.  Annual Wellness visits and sick patient exams are $49, while puppy/kitten recheck exams start at $31.  Other recheck or brief exams range from $18-$35.00.

What training does the staff have?
Almost all of our staff has several years’ experience working in the veterinary field, and all of our surgery/anesthesia technicians are CVT’s (Certified Veterinary Technicians).  We also employ pre-vet and current veterinary students, and we work with the Front Range Community College Veterinary Technician program hosting interns at our hospital.  We also have a Certified Pet Dog Trainer on staff who trains all employees on Gentle Handling techniques for our patients.

What is your focus as a clinic/hospital?
Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and to ensure that our clients receive outstanding customer service here.  Our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and compassion, and we have a very loyal client following.

What makes your hospital unique?

We are unique in that we have several doctors on staff, including a Board Certified Theriogenologist and a Board Qualified Veterinary Dentist.  Our doctors each have their own niche and special interest in medicine and surgery, which allows us to practice only the highest quality of medicine here.  We also offer many ancillary services, including boarding, grooming, daycare, and training.

Do you have a favorite veterinary hospital in the Fort Collins area? Comment below and tell us what you like best about it! We’d love to hear from you!