A Day in the Life of Kit the Dog: An Outing to Bones du Jour


Written by Kit (with help from Gillian Rankin aka Mom)

The day started out like any other, but little did I know my mom had a surprise for me in store. It was a couple of weeks ago and I thought I was tagging a long for some of my mom’s errands when we stopped in a parking lot I didn’t recognize and she opened MY door. It turns out that parking lot was home to a locally owned dog bakery called Bones du Jour and at first I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Man, what can I say, when you walk into this bakery (conveniently located within walking distance of my favorite local hangout, City Park) you are greeted by the wonderful sounds of dogs saying hello and the aroma of all of my favorite smells. Then, as if out of my dreams, a wonderful stranger appeared bearing the most delicious biscuits I had ever tasted. This woman turned out to be none other than “biscuitologist” and Bones du Jour owner, Sue Carroll.

My mom and Sue began talking, while I began my investigation. I was looking for the source of these wonderful smells! While wandering I overheard Sue saying that she had been baking since 2004 (which is 63 years in dog years!).



Now, I consider myself a biscuit connoisseur of sorts, so this visit quickly became an opportunity to test my skills. Every so often Sue would have to step to the back to check the oven and when she returned, she brought with her samples for me to try. In the first, I detected notes of pumpkin and ginger, and the second tasted strongly of peanut butter! My favorite, though, would probably have to have been buffalo liver. Yum!

Everything Sue does at Bones du Jour is all-natural, but I didn’t miss any of the bad stuff! She took out all the preservatives and fats that us dogs only think we need. Instead, she uses whole grains and other locally sourced ingredients.

My mom reminded me that this was not the first time I had tasted Sue’s biscuits. It was actually at Animal House, a local dog rescue, where she had donated treats to their annual ‘Comedy Night’ event. My mom tells me that she sees her all over town, though! I’m told you can find her at our local farmer’s markets. I highly recommend you stop in to see Sue, and be sure to tell her Kit sent you!



A Special thanks to Bones du Jour for allowing us to come visit!

To visit them yourself get your parents to take you to 1720 W. Mulberry #B8, Fort Collins, CO  80521. You will love it too!

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