Best Loveland Dog Trails

Now that the temperatures are starting to thaw and spring is on the way, the weather is thankfully getting nicer every day.  It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, especially after being cooped up in the house all winter long. If you’re looking for some nice trails to explore with your dog, here are a few you should definitely try in Loveland and around Fort Collins!

The Foothills Trail

Perfect for a fun and easy afternoon jaunt, this trail is only a mile long and is an easy hike for all. If you haven’t been out for a hike in a while, this is definitely a great place to start.

The Summit Adventure Trail

This moderate hiking trail stems off the Foothill Trail and is longer and a bit more intense. It’s best suited for an experienced hiker and dog. The summit adventure trail is 4.5 miles long and takes most of the day, so prepare 6-8 hours and bring a picnic and water.

Cathy Fromme Prairie 

A beautiful natural area located just north of Loveland includes a 2.5 mile paved trail that is perfect for a nice stroll with your dog while you enjoy nature. Parking is free, but they don’t have any water fountains, so make sure to bring a few bottles of water with you.  

Arthurs Rock Trail

Located in the Lory State Park west of Ft. Collins, the Arthurs Rock Trail is perfect to bring you dog along. It’s a moderate hike of 1.7 miles that includes beautiful overlooks.  There are restrooms available but no water fountains, a collapsible water bowl and extra water is a must. The Lory State Park has a lot of trails, but this one is a must with your pup! 

There is nothing like enjoying a nice sunny day in nature with your four legged friend.  It’s a perfect way to spend a weekend. When taking your dog on a trail it’s important to bring along extra water and snacks. Also, make sure that you have plenty of time in the day and return to your car well before dusk. Comment below and let us know your favorite trails in the area!