Best Halloween Costumes for Your Dog


Fall is here and Halloween decorations are starting to pop up everywhere. It’s time to start thinking about your costumes. And why should we have all the fun? Why not get your dog in on the spooky holiday with a costume of their own! Here are the top Halloween costumes for your dog this October 31st.



Halloween Costume

Image from Amazon

You can never go wrong with an adorable Minion costume.

Beanie Baby

Halloween Costume

Image from You Bet Your Pierogis


Transform your dog into a real-life version of the crazy 90’s trend, the Beanie Baby. The best part is that this Halloween costume is easy and inexpensive! Learn out to create it in this tutorial from You Bet Your Pierogi.

Super Dog


Halloween Costume

Image from Amazon

Create your own crime-fighting canine with this adorable super dog costume!

Punk Rock Pup

Halloween Costume

Image from Woman’s Day

Recreate the look with a Doggy Faux-Mohawk and a studded collar. Your pup will go from pup to punk in no time.


Lion Dog

Image from Amazon


We love Halloween and the chance to dress up as our favorite characters for the night. Just remember to keep your pet’s safety in mind first and you’re sure to have a great night!

What is your favorite costume that you’ve ever seen or done with your dog? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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