Amazing Pet Pictures With Silver Paw Studio


It was a wonderful day when Monique with Silver Paw Studios contacted me about doing a photo session with my fur kids. We arranged a time for her to come to our home and she set up a backdrop in our living room. Our pup Podrick is plenty happy to go outside but our older kitty Aislinn is a little nervous to be outside, so the indoor photo plan was perfect. Aislinn is now 17 years old and has some health problems so I was excited to get some amazing pet pictures in case she became more ill.

Monique was very patient giving Podrick and Aislinn time to get used to the background and the equipment before taking any pictures. We used treats and toys to help them settle in and then the beautiful photos began!









This is my favorite picture of Podrick. He is so cute with his eyes closed!








In the end we took some family pictures as well. Getting my crazy kids to all focus, sit still for a moment and actually look cute is nothing short of a miracle! Monique does photographs inside and outside depending on your preference, but often inside is better for cats. If you want to have some great holidays photos this year contact Silver Paw Studios today!