Fort Collins Pet Sitter and Dog Walker
Pet Tech CPR, First Aid and Care Trained

Hi there! My name is Andrea. My family and I moved from the Atlanta area to Fort Collins in 2011 where we currently live with our pug/australian shepherd/border collie mix, Ander. Ander loves to hike and run, so we spend lots of family time outdoors!

While living in Atlanta, I was vice president of Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption for 10 years, and my husband and I had 2 cats and 4 pugs over a span of 20 years. Through our own fur babies and pug rescue, I have experience with an array of health issues and personalities including: seizures, liver shunts, kidney disease, puppymill rescues, eye drops, luxating patella, food allergies, and shy/timid dogs and cats.

After teaching elementary school for 11 years, moving to Fort Collins and two more years of teaching, I began volunteering with Animal House Rescue and Grooming. Animal House has provided me the opportunity to love on and get to know some awesome dogs. I also gained valuable experience and knowledge in the K9 Coach class which provides the rescues at Animal House with confidence and training before finding their forever home.

As a Wet Noses client and then subsequently a Wet Noses pet sitter, I take great pride in being detail oriented and treating your fur babies the same way that I expect (and have found) my own babies to be cared for in my absence.