6 Tips to Pill a Cat


Cats can seem impossible to pill but we have a few tips that can make the process a little easier.

  1. Stress is the worst part of medicating your cat. Giving a cat a pill is hard if your cat can run away. Make sure she is contained in a room where she cannot hide under or behind anything.
  2. Get everything prepared before you move towards your cat. Have it all ready and accessible.
  3. The key to a smooth process is to be confident and calm.
  4. Sit next to your cat. The less you have to restrain your cat, the better.
  5. Grab her head or mouth. Cats have a gap in their teeth (easier seen in the video). Insert a finger there and when your cat opens her mouth, pop in the pill. Push it far back so it goes down her throat.
  6. If you cannot get the pill all the way back, hold her mouth closed and stroke her throat until she swallows.



Our pet sitters can easily help assist your cats with their pills while you’re on vacation or even just at work. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need any extra hands to help you cat get well!

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