5 Ways to Find Pet Sitting Jobs


Are you thinking about becoming a pet sitter but are not sure where to start? You can go try to find your own clients and launch your own business, or you can follow these easy steps to find pet sitting jobs in your area!

1. Find Local Pet Sitting Companies on Google

Search Google for “Pet Sitting Company” or “Dog Walking Company” and check out the local businesses. To find a pet sitting job with a company you like, you can take a look at their website and see if their culture seems to match you. Do they seem organized and professional? Look for a “Careers” page to learn more about working for them. (Check out our Career page to get an idea of what they can include.) Think about looking past the first page on Google since often you will find the large tech companies like Wag and Rover first, but not the locally owned businesses. If you are curious about how it is to work for a professional pet sitting company, check out our Guide for New Pet Sitter Applicants.

2. Find Local Companies on Social Media

You can often find pet sitting jobs by looking through job postings on social media. You can either search for companies in general and then check out their job postings, or look specifically in the job posts in your area. Facebook is particularly good at this. Be sure to read the posting and look for any requirements to apply. Often once you find pet sitting jobs, they will ask you to apply through their website instead of directly through the social media post.

3. Use Indeed

In the last few years Indeed has become one of the most common job search tools on the internet. You can find pet sitting jobs that way by looking for pet sitting, or just searching “pet”, “dog” or “cat”. This will also give you an idea of other animal related jobs in your area. Make sure to scan all the jobs as Indeed gives a higher rank to paid job postings, which most pet sitting companies cannot afford.

4. Check Craigslist Job Postings

Craigslist is not used as much by pet sitters these days due to the high cost of posting a job listing, but sometimes they still end up there. It is worth checking to see if you can find pet sitting jobs near you. Some listings may come up that are further away, but you want to find jobs near you. It is miserable to have to drive to pet sitting jobs a ways away.

5. Ask a Friend

If you know someone that has used a professional pet sitter, get the information for the company and contact them to inquire about any pet sitting positions. They will be impressed by your effort and you will pop to the top of the list when they are looking to hire. Plus you can know that their company provides great service, which is why your friend uses them in the first place. We often keep information for possible new sitters for the future and contact them at a later date when we need someone in their area.


If you want to find pet sitting jobs these days, be sure to do the research, find a company that is professional and take steps o reach out to them. Pet sitting companies are often busy taking care of their furry friends and when they hire they need someone quickly who can do a great job. If you are prepared and have taken the steps needed to put forward a professional contact, they will be excited to meet with you!