5 Things To Do On The Weekend in Fort Collins

5 Things to Do on the Weekend in Fort Collins Header

Fort Collins is a beautiful place to live and you might as well get out and enjoy it! After a long week of work, of course, you want to bring your dog with you if you can. So here are 5 things you can do in Fort Collins on the weekends, some with your dog and some without.

1. Hiking or Trail Walks

We have an extensive system of trails as well as amazing hiking spaces surrounding Fort Collins, many of which are dog-friendly. Or if you are going without a dog for the day, you can explore any of the trails the area has to offer.

What Are the Best Fort Collins Dog Trails?

2. Visit a Brewery

Fort Collins is well known for its breweries so you have a wide selection to chose from. Most have outdoor patios and welcome well-behaved dogs.

If you want to be extra prepared, check out the Drink with Your Dog program organized by our local dog trainer, Summit Dog Training.

3. Visit the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Our local museum is a beautiful blend of art and history. While not open to dogs, it is a wonderful place to enjoy the day, bring the kids, and perhaps see a Dome show.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

4. Go out to eat

Fort Collins is well known for its large selection of eateries, from the newer locations on Harmony to the classics (and new finds) in Old Town. Many even have patios where you can bring your pup, but be sure to check in advance.

Top 5 Pet Friendly Restaurants in Fort Collins

5. Check out a show

Fort Collins is well known for its music and art shows, as well as our festivals. On any given weekend you can look for a special event and stumble upon a multitude of choices. If you are looking for a good selection check out:

Fort Collins Events

Downtown Fort Collins Events

The New Scene

You are bound to find something that interests you!


Fort Collins is a beautiful place to live and everyone should get out on the weekends to enjoy the many things to do!

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