4 Reasons to Become a Pet Foster Parent


One of the greatest things that can be done for animals in need, is to open up your home and your heart to becoming a pet foster parent. Many rescues, adoption groups, and even some humane societies and pounds work with foster homes to help the animals adjust to home life. Here are just four of the many advantages to becoming a pet foster parent:

  1. Giving love to animals without the commitment of adopting. Many times these animals have long needed a gentle hand and a warm heart. Spending time giving love to a cat or dog without the commitment of fostering can be healthy for both you and the animal, and is very good for elevating mood.
  2. Helping to provide room for more animals to be rescued. Every animal that is fostered makes room for another in a shelter. The more people that foster, the more popular fostering will become!
  3. Helping to place each animal into its forever home by learning its likes, dislikes, and any quirks. These facts help to place the animal with a family that has a similar personality. This gives a much higher chance of the adoption working out.
  4. “Test driving” different breeds or personalities before adopting. If you are looking to adopt an animal yourself, fostering is a good way to wet your feet while helping animals. This is a great way to see if you are prepared for pet ownership. It’s a great way for you to pinpoint the perfect pet!

Hopefully this has given you some great reasons to consider becoming a pet foster parent. It’s never too early to start helping animals!