10 Reasons to Adopt a Golden Retriever this International Golden Retrievers Day

10 Reasons to Adopt a Golden Retriever this International Golden Retrievers Day

Looking for reasons to adopt a golden retriever? With International Golden Retriever Day right around the corner, you may be asking yourself, “Is it time to bring a sweet golden fur baby into my life?!” Well, if you’re on the fence, let this help you decide! Here are 10 reasons you should adopt a golden retriever (as if you needed another)!

1. They have HUGE hearts!

The golden retriever breed is most known for its phenomenal temperament. These golden babies not only have a bright sunny coat but a sunny disposition to match! Often used as therapy
dogs for a wide range of patients, golden’s are loving pets that will warm your hearts with their capacity to care!

2. They are so gentle.

Originally bred as hunting dogs, golden retrievers are known to have “soft mouths” or bite inhibition. This means they are extremely gentle natured and less likely to chomp down on stray
fingers that may find their way to your pets mouths. This makes them excellent pets for homes with young kids!

3. They’ll enrich your life as much as you enrich theirs

Golden retrievers live to please! As much as you will love them (and you will LOVE your golden friend), they will love you back tenfold! Nothing beats coming home after a long day to
someone who celebrates your arrival with unbridled love and affection! They truly are an instant mood booster!

golden retriever

4. They are very compliant when it comes to training!

Golden retrievers are renowned people-pleasers. This makes them easy-to-train pets! They are highly intelligent which makes them capable of a wide variety of tasks whether it be assisting a
visually-impaired patient or simply coming when they are called. They’re some of the easiest dogs to walk. Just another reason these devoted pups make an excellent extension to your pack!

5. They are the perfect pet for homes with animals already.

Due to their gentle, loving disposition, golden retrievers are also naturally highly social! This makes them an awesome addition to homes with already-established pets! Of course, their
curious nature will encourage them to explore and sniff out any new friends, but their amicable nature prevails through and through!

6. They have a relatively long life expectancy.

Golden’s make a great addition for many reasons, but another bonus is their life expectancy! The average lifespan of a golden retriever is about 10-13 years! If you are looking for a long-term
companion look no further! Their loyal demeanor will stick by your side for as long as they are with you!

adult cream golden retriever laying on floor

7. They will brighten your home and your day!

Golden retrievers come in a wide variety of shades of their signature golden hue. From cream to a dark goldenrod, their array of sunny shades also translates into their bright personalities!
Generally happy-go-lucky pups, Golden Retrievers have an infectious smile that is sure to bring happiness to all who get the pleasure of meeting them!

8. They’ll enjoy the outdoors as much as your family does!

Due to their breed history, golden retrievers are moderately active dogs who require at least 40 minutes of exercise a day to maintain the happy, healthy life they truly deserve! Couple their
athletic, sporting nature with their obedience and loyalty, and you have a new companion in whatever outdoor hobbies you may want to pursue! Adopting a new pet can also encourage you to get outside more and enjoy the fresh air!

9. They aren’t big diggers or droolers.

Besides the ongoing list on why golden retrievers make an amazing addition to your house, an added bonus is they aren’t big droolers like some larger breeds are! On top of this, you needn’t
worry about your garden because golden’s aren’t keen on digging either! This makes them comparably less messy than some other breeds, good news for the neat and tidy home makers!

golden retriever lying on green grass field during daytime

10. They are the best family pets!

Overall, golden retrievers are known for their happy, loving disposition. They are loyal until the very end, and will bring nothing but happiness to whomever they encounter. They are extremely
gregarious making them great for homes with kids or already established pets. If you’re looking to celebrate International Golden Retriever Day this February 3rd, you may want to introduce a
gentle, loving, furry friend into your home!

There you have it! 10 reasons to adopt a golden retriever this International Golden Retriever Day! Did we miss any of your favorite reasons for adopting a golden retriever? Let us know in the comments!

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